Dramatic picture of a cat trying catch a bird in mid-flight

Dramatic picture of a domestic cat leaping into the air to try and catch a bird that has just taken off

Domestic cats can and sometimes do try and catch a flying bird, which is in line with the best exponent of this form of feline predation; the caracal, which can jump the highest from a standing start of all the cats, whatever their size. But often the bird is on the ground and/or ill. …

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Can African leaders PROVE that trophy hunting supports conservation?

Trophy hunting in Africa. Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist used a bow and arrow to try and kill Cecil a well-known African lion

The leaders of the African nations: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe believe that they can prove that trophy hunting supports the conservation of their iconic species. But can they? My research indicates that they can’t. Note: there are vital negative aspects of trophy hunting as it is a form of artificial …

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Pretty fantasy picture of a deer licking a domestic cat

Picture of a deer licking a domestic cat as they became impromptu friends

This is a free-to-use fictional picture of a deer licking (cleaning) a domestic cat in a pretty garden surrounded by colourful flowers. Despite being a fantasy image, it is very much based in the real world. Wild deer can and do make impromptu friends with domestic cats who are allowed outside unsupervised in the …

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Cat avoided parasite in tap water by drinking rainwater but many fell ill

Cryptosporidium parasite contaminated tap water in Devon

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a big story in the UK and it concerns the quality of drinking water. The back story to this, by the way, is that in the UK there is a crisis among the water companies particularly Thames Water which have been discharging sewage into water courses, lakes and rivers …

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Hundreds of cats poisoned by manufacturer’s cat food in South Korea??

Are hundreds of domestic cats being poisoned by commercial prepared cat food in South Korea??

In South Korea, a spate of mysterious cat deaths has sparked tension between pet owners and authorities. The owners doubt the innocence of the pet food initially blamed for the fatalities. This story mirrors another in America about which I recently reported: Troubling conspiracy theory about Purina pet food poisoning cats and dogs in …

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