A Therapy Cat Owner Is A Remarkable Individual

by Elisa Black (USA) Animal Assisted Therapy dog – photo added by Michael (Admin). Dogs are more commonly used in this field. Photo by Sirelroka A therapy cat owner who visits the elderly and terminally ill is a remarkable individual who provides a service not many can emotionally handle. I would like to inform …

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A Plea From Cat Fosterers And Rescuers

Unwanted Angoras Samantha is losing weight Lily wants to be an only cat Declawed and on death row Good morning readers. Today I’d like to make a plea from cat fosterers and rescuers everywhere. I’m really depressed and I don’t believe I’m the only one out there who feels as confused/abandoned/depressed as I do. …

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Wanting a short haired dwarf cat

Wanting a short haired dwarf cat by jazlyn (johnson) if anyone has a shorthaired dwarf cat then email JazyFresh1216@aim.com I want one so bad they’re so cute and little . And if you live near richmond, indiana I’ll love it even more. jazlyn What kind of Cat is this? by John (Northeast Tenn.) I …

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