Why have a pet cat?

Mom & Pete

Intro: this is another guest post by Albert Schepis, an experienced cat caregiver of many years. Thanks Albert. I learned answers to the question in the title long after I even thought to ask it. They present themselves after you’ve known your cat(s) awhile.  I think most people are the same and that everyone should …

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Softer, nuanced communication with your cat

Communicating with your cat softly and gently

Intro: This is a guest post from Albert Schepis who has a vast amount of experience in living with domestic cats. I completely agree with Albert on this. Dog talk? How do you communicate with your cat?  Pretty much like you would a dog, right? Wrong, sorry, or rather they read us a little …

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Helping Cats in Cold Weather

Cold weather shelter

Every year I think about helping cats in cold weather. Where I live is fairly mild compared to the mid-west where (with the wind chill factor) last night it was more than 50 degrees BELOW zero F. In that region there are approximately 13.7 million pet cats and around 9.5 million ferals.  So, they’re …

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