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Autistic man’s home is built for people and cats equally — 14 Comments

  1. What a lovely man, a true cat lover. I can imagine my late brother in law (Barbara’s John) would have eventually built something like that if he was still around, he was a carpenter by trade and even after he was disabled he made things for the pleasure of cats.

  2. I love this video! If I show it to Jeff who knows how Monty’s kingdom might be expanded. I keep thinking of ways to add more walkways for him. I’ve seen those passages between rooms before. It would be neat to make a passage from our back room right into Monty’s room. I think we definitely would go with plank bridges instead of suspension bridges this time.

  3. I think he is an amazing man and very sensitive and tuned in to his cats needs. Michael I love that you picked up on the way none of the cat modifications look out of place in fact they compliment his home and tbh he does have a wonderful home 🙂

    I would love to know what he does for a living. I wonder if its something creative? I bet he would make a lovely friend 🙂

  4. Greg is, in no way, limited or disabled because of his diagnosis.
    He’s sharp and driven by the love of his cats.
    What a wonderful world he has created for them.

      • The thing is Michael. People may look like they are Totally Normal and Can Cope with life. Its just its really Hidden. Like me with My Depression etc. People look at me and think I have life all together and Can do stuff. BUt it really is so hidden. Aspergers was named after the Person who researched it. I agree with Labels as they dont define a person. Aspergers is know alot as Aspies. Which I feel is abit better.

        • I just think labels can be dangerous. Mr Asperger decided that some people have this condition but is he right? Is it a condition or is this guy just a bit different? We are all different and we all have our problems.

          • I agree Labels are Dangerous. Yes This Man did create this back in 1944, I know other People have reserached it. It is a condition. If you google about it you will see what it is. The guy deffinertly has some of the conditions. Usually its to do with Not being able to Social cope with things like may seem abit odd. People like this can lead amazing lifes and can be classed as Genius. Or very Clever. I agree each of us as I own different ways of doing things and Problems. I know a few people that have it. Some people like to repeat things over and over. Alot of people that have like OCD can get over Excited about things and like to check things. Get Upset if something gets taken away. I think this man is amazing and how perfect what he has done for his cats. Designing each area in his home. Im actually Quite amazed. Wish I could do that for my Cats. 🙁

    • I agree He’s amazing that he can do this for his Animals. Alot of People Like this Can have a Special Skill or what some say Special Interest.

  5. Wow great to see this as I have MIld Aspergers. Although Undiagnosed. Aspergers is not an imagined thing and is actually Very real. It is actually a real disability. Some have it a high degree. My ex Partner son has full Classic Autism. Very High Needs. Most People with Asd have it at different degree. Like for Instance I feel very peaceful and relexed when around Cats. Its like people with Asd cope very well if they have routines. Alot of this Probobly Michael is to do with Socal Aspects. Like I dont really like Strong Eye Contact. I dont like Noisey esp High Pitch Noise or bright light drives me Crazy. Hate Crowds and anyone that thinks different. Its great to a see an Article on ASD as it makes it more aware. Even Highly skilled People can get this. Its abit like having OCD. Alot of what it relates to is people have what you call a Special Interest or Hobby. Like for me the Computer and my Scrapbooking/ is very important we call it special Interest. Some dont cope well if you take certain things away like with Bradly he has an Obsession with Plastic Contains and loves different smells. So dont always assume its a made up. As it really is true. I know alot of people that have it. Often it is a Social thing. Like not knowing the social Cues to things. Like not knowing whawt is expectable in soceity, and also confusing. Well this is how it is for me anyway. Alot of it is to do with anxiety/worry and of obession. Its great what he has done with the Cats. I wish I could really have my own place or Flat where I could build something like that. I hope to look at getting another Cat Tree. These people with Asd can lead wonderful lifes and can actually be quite brainy and have alot talent. Anyway thats how it is for me. No one needs to agree, but I just thought Id say how it was for me.

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