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Automatic Litter Boxes: An Answer to a Cat Guardian’s Prayers? — 5 Comments

  1. As I am a person who tends to think outside the box, I look to repurpose items built for other things that will work nicely for something else too. In DIY home supply stores like Home Depot and Lowes, they sell thick plastic concrete mixing tubs that are sturdy of course, but are roomy and deep as well. I used two of these side by side under a big table in my garage when I had 14 cats at a time. They’ve worked great and are easy to clean. 3’x2’x8″. Even when heavy with litter (my cats have liked 4″) they slide easily on concrete, but grab by the corners to avoid splitting the upper side rail.

    • Fantastic Idea!!! My older cat prefers to perch on the edge to relieve himself. This box is perfect for that. Thank you!! I wish I had known about them when I was looking for an alternative to the traditional litter box. I ended up using a storage box with a moat-type well around the bottom at the walls which makes it a little difficult to clean if urine ends up there.

  2. We use standard litter boxes of varying sizes, with clumping clay unscented litter, cats’ preferred type of substrate. Two of the boxes are extra-large and extra-tall, because there have been some in our furmily who love to “stand and deliver”. All of the boxes are uncovered, except one, because sometimes, some cats like a little bit of privacy.

  3. I have 6 cats and 6 boxes. I use non-scented clumping litter. I also make my own litter boxes and the cats seem to prefer them to the one lonely remaining store bought box (which I have now removed and replaced with a homemade box). The boxes are huge, with a low step to get into the box. That is for my older kitties who have a bit of trouble lifting a leg to get into the box. They are also covered, so a kitty can lay on top and survey his or her domain. I’ve found that they don’t kick out as much litter and have plenty of room to turn around and since the sides are clear, they can observe if anyone is trying to sneak up and try to scare the pants of the one in the litter. Since I’ve done that, I have had NO outside the box accidents. And I use less litter.

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