Average size of a bobcat in Michigan

I have some data on the average size of bobcats in the US state of Michigan but it is quite sparse but nonetheless I hope useful. The information is broken down into head and body length, tail length and weight. I have information for both male and female cats.

Bobcats in Michigan
Bobcats in Michigan. Image by Eszter Miller from Pixabay
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Sample of 32 male bobcats

A sample of 32 male bobcats had a head and body length between 695-863 mm. The average head and body length was 734.4 mm. Their tail lengths varied between 139-198 mm with an average of 146.4 mm. Their weight varied between 8.4-14.8 kg with an average weight of 11.8 kg.

Sample of 24 females

Females had a head and body length between 627-952 mm with an average of 734.4 mm. Their tails varied in length between 132-157 mm with an average of 146.4 mm. Their weight varied between 7.3-11.8 kg with an average weight of 8.8 kg.

The information comes from a study which took place in 1955 and which was carried out by AW Erickson. Their study was titled An ecology study of bobcat in Michigan. It was a Master’s thesis while studying at the Michigan State University, East Lansing.

I hope that this information helps a little bit. The conversion rates for millimetres into centimetres is to divide by 10. The conversion for millimetres to inches is to divide the length value by 25.4. For the conversion of millimetres to feet, for an approximate result, divide the length by 305.

P.S. Google search results for the average size of bobcats (in general) is 8.6kg with a length of 46-120 cms. This information is unhelpful as it does not distinguish between female and male. Big Cat Rescue say the average weight of bobcats across their entire distribution (not just Michigan) is 13-30 pounds (13-22.6 kg) and 30-50 inches in length. The largest bobcat on record weighed 26.8 kilograms which is 59.1 pounds. Click this for the average weight of a bobcat.


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