Average weight of Chinese desert cat

The Chinese desert cat a.k.a. Chinese mountain cat is a fairly large animal about twice the size of a domestic cat. They are classified as a small wild cat. There is little information about its average weight. I do have two weights, one a female and the other male. The weight of a male Chinese desert cat is 9 kg which is 19.8 pounds. The weight of a female 6.5 kg or 14.3 pounds. The information comes from B. Tan in his work from 1984 called The status of felids in China. In The plight of the cats: Proceedings of the meeting and workshop of the IUCN/SCC Cat Specialist Group at Kanha National Park, Mahya Pradesh, India.

An Internet search produces a weight range of the Chinese desert cat of 6.5-9 kg. This is from Wikipedia. Another website states that the weight range of this small wild cat species is 4-9 kg or 8.81-19.82 lbs.

Chinese mountain cat and kittens

Chinese mountain cat and kittens. Photo: Peking University and the Qinghai section of Qilian Mountain National Park.

Relatively little is known about this cat perhaps because it lives in China where historically they have a poor relationship with wildlife but it’s changing for better, belatedly. I suspect if scientists asked the Chinese for permission to study this species of cat in China, they’d think that they were spies and bar them. The Chinese desert cat is part of the group of cats with the same lineage as the domestic cat together with the sand cat, the African wildcat and the European wildcat.


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