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AVMA May Vote Against Feeding Raw Meat Diets — 2 Comments

  1. The truth of the matter is feline nutrtion is just “brushed on” in veterinary school. My vet got two hours of “Nutrition” education when she attended vet school. TWO HOURS?? One of the most important aspects of feline care??? TWO HOURS? Give me a break.. OH.. and it was taught by one of the manufacturers of a brand of cat food I wouldn’t even feed to ANY cat—- which contains lots of grain and carbs.

    When is the AVMA going to wake up and start training vets about excellent nutrition is what I want to know.

    Training to become a human nutritionist is an arduous process- http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_education_and_training_is_required_to_become_a_nutritionist

    And vets get two hours??

    If raw diets are handled properly, as you have indicated- they are safe and for some feline medical conditions it is a life-saver! While I am not into conspiracy theories for the most part- is it possible that this potential recommendation not to feed raw diets may be impacted by a few of the cat food manufacturer lobbyists? Just a thought. :::::Shrugs shoulders and scratches head:::::

    • Absolutely Jo. I am a cynical old geezer but there is no doubt in my mind that the pet food manufacturers, in North America and in Europe, lobby vets and keep vets on the leash! I remember a vet I used to go to when I lived north of London. He tried to sell me Hills c/d (a dry kibble for weight loss). He said my cat could be on it full time. It was cheap relative to wet cat food. I rejected his sales talk but it was pretty clear he was on commission. The food was stacked high on the reception area shelves. This is still the case in vets in the UK. Vets don’t think about what is healthy. They tend to think money. Why should they be concerned in promoting health when they deal in illness?

      I wish there was a high quality professionally prepared vacuum packed raw cat food diet available to the average cat caretaker. You can buy it for captive wild cats but it is no doubt quite pricey. It is a kind of a conspiracy and cartel. Big business dictates what happens on the ground.

      Considering the amount of column inches given over to human diets I am surprised to hear that vets are barely trained at all on companion animal diets. It is a fundamental aspect of animal health. Or am I surprised? We just don’t give the cat enough respect.

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