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Avoid the necessity to put down your cat because you can’t afford the $5,000 surgery — 4 Comments

  1. Mike do you live in the UK? I tried to buy Terramycin online but I was blocked. I hadn’t noticed it was a UK company and being that I’m in the USA I wasn’t allowed to make the purchase. Terramycin is a eye antibiotic for pets it’s 1/3 oz or 3.5 grams tube. It’s made in Switzerland. You pay $6.00 I pay $22.!!! And no prescription needed to buy it. When I called the company to complain about the price difference I was told they let companies charge whatever price they want. I told them shame on them for let me be gouged and hung up. We here in the USA are gouged for EVERYTHING. Our government lets us be gouged.

    • Yes, I’m in the UK but I know more about cats in the USA than in the UK 😉. Generally, prices are cheaper in the US than the UK in my experience. I guess for some products the difference is reversed. Nice to know 😊. A website called smartnews.com is picking up my pages and there’s been an almighty increase in views. Good news. Hope it lasts. Getting 20,000 hits daily. This page is roaring away.

      • Good for you, it’s a great web site! Mike you’re up late. I only know because my grandparents lived in Grimsby.

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