Awaiting Allegiances

Awaiting Allegiances

by Grim

Totally random picture.

Totally random picture.

Awaiting Allegiances is a classic warriors role-play, set back in the original forest, in a territory seemingly forgotten. The four original clans still roam here. History has changed. Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Squirrelpaw, Crowpaw, Stormfur, and Featehrtail never went on a journey to the sun-drown place.

They never received the prophecy. These are the dusty forests of ThunderClan, including the beloved SunningRocks, the feared SnakeRocks, and the avoided TreeCutPlace. Where RiverClan lived in the centre of the river where it encircled them like an island. Where they were protected on all sides by the flowing water that the other clans are scared of. Where ShadowClan prowled through the darkest of territories, the marshlands squashing beneath their paws. And where WindClan runs across the moorland on winged paws. Where StarClan still looks over the forest.

Now, the forest is in danger. In this prophecy, a group of loners travel along. They have separated from the 'clan' of rogues who stick together on the outskirts of the forest, and they are hungry for revenge. The leader is a desperately crazed rogue, named Minx. They want to take over the forest, and the four clans, at all costs. Nothing will stop them, and anyone who stands in the way will be killed. The four clans, and StarClan itself, may be destroyed.

Where do you stand? With the clans? The rogues? Or the group of murderers? Or are just a lone warrior who travels with no specific purpose.

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Hi.... Great post. Love it. This has got to be a good WC RPG site. I gave a link to your site. If you want it changed just ask by leaving a comment.

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Awaiting Allegiances to Warrior Cats

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Awaiting Allegiances

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Mar 11, 2010
by: Joyce Sammons

I LOVE that picture!!!

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