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Awards Won and Book Release in 2020 for Zachariah Atteberry

The above book is being published in September of 2020 on Amazon with a length of 262 pages. My editor let me know it is the best editing experience she has been blessed with in over 35 years of editing. I am truly excited to see this book finally brought to life. I have worked on this book for about five years now and have given up on publishing it to any extent multiple times in the previous five years. Just recently I won quite a few awards through the 2019 Cat Writer’s Association writing contest.

The inspiration for this book won one award, my pet sitting article won one award, and my feral kitten taming article won two awards. I was thrilled that my work was acknowledged by industry experts including the Trap King who choose my feral kitten article as the winning article. Two of my poems were well received and won a certificate of excellence award too. Just enough award money was earned to publish my book because without the contest winnings, it might have been a long shot. This opportunity could not have worked out any more perfect or with any better timing.

What I learned in this contest is that smaller articles typically attract more readers since you can read the article in a relatively short span of time without committing too much time. I also learned that I have a unique writing voice and style that is unlikely to change on account of being diagnosed with autism, but I feel like it brings a different type of educational content to the world.

One thing I tell people is that I write to live. Writing is a powerful medium used to compose feelings and communicate thoughts. When I am able to write down on paper the feelings that flow through my mind, it helps to release anxiety and tension from working through the way the day made me feel and realizing the good moments that are peppered throughout.

We tend to remember the bad moments because they do have a powerful grip but by honoring the moments of darkness that make us stronger, we can begin to embrace the moments that are born out of the strength to move on even in the midst of pain, sadness, and anger. The more we talk about the way we feel, the less impact that the negative memories have on us and the more opportunity that the good times and memories have to come out and encompass our life. One thing that I do is I start the day by writing something positive and end the day by writing something positive. You wake up motivated and go to sleep motivated.

I am still very critical of my writing abilities but I have come a far way from being forced into remedial English by a school system who never gave me a chance until I got to college. I remember the day I was given a 0% on an essay because they told me that a person with autism could not write well and that I must have cheated. To them, social skills equaled intelligence and different equaled less. That is not the reality, and we can be more than we are told that we can be. I am excited to release my memoir soon.

I feel that memories and experiences shared across the world cumulatively form a life rope to help people get through their personal challenges. Writing doesn’t have to be perfect to light a fire under your ass but it absolutely does have to be unique, meaningful, honest, and written with passion. I am not the best in grammar but I know that my message helps people. Anything not written with these values often can come across as uninspiring – echoing only the thousands of stories that have already been told. Tell your unique story and keep it unique. No reason to compare the quality of it to other writings, or trying to conform your unique writing style or voice to meet a certain standard.

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  • It was very pleasing to see this post. I thought I had written five articles today but then noticed I had written six! But the sixth was yours and it is great news. I'm very proud of you for what you've achieved. I'm sure that you are very proud of yourself. I hope you can keep going and achieve more and more in the future. Of course the cats thank you for all that you have done for them. Ultimately it's about them and how we can help them. You have contributed in a very definite way.

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