Awesome FIV senior TNR cat story. She socialized him with a wooden spoon!

This is an awesome FIV senior TNR cat story. He’s a great looking, jowly, beat up, male cat with a huge heart full of love that never had a chance to shine…until he was saved.

Mr B

Mr B

And when he got the opportunity, he melted the hearts of those who came into contact with him. I like the way she socialized him with a wooden spoon! You have gotta watch the video to see that bit!

Don’t forget to turn on the sound – bottom right of video…

A lot of you may have seen this before. I may have seen it before 😉 I think Elisa may have written about him but I don’t remember this video. Well, if you have not seen it before – enjoy. We all love cat stories where an elderly cat who has had a very hard life on the street, learns human love, softens and shines. These cats make the most fantastic companions at the end of their lives. They certainly deliver.

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Awesome FIV senior TNR cat story. She socialized him with a wooden spoon! — 4 Comments

  1. Wonderful cat, lucky cat, Mr B justly landed on all 4 paws!

    Fiv+ ferals & strays have the hardest time of all cats in the UK. Too many rescues and vets here kill them automatically and deliberately mis-inform stewards about FIV.

    Our local Cat Protection woman has any stray or feral killed immediately and openly boasts about it.

    Many vets will neuter a rescued cat, only testing afterwards, so they can charge for the neuter too, rather than just the much cheaper snap test.

    I wonder how many donations to cat charities and rescues are spent on neutering then killing cats?

    The level of knowledge about FIV amongst vets, vet nurses and rescues is lamentably poor. Ignorance, hysteria and prejudice are responsible for so many deaths.

  2. Thank you for sharing Mr. Belvedere’s story, Michael. I had never read about him before. What a happy and comfortable life he has finally found in his forever home. 💜💜🐾

  3. Despite the word feral cats have lived alongside humans for centuries. I think we should start seeing feral cats as potential companions instead of lost causes. It’s in there to be near humans. Lots of people don’t need their pet hanging off them like a sticky booger. I have never had a feral cat on this property that did not learn to respond rather quickly to a kind word. Sometimes the narrative is wrong and I’m beginning to believe that of most feral cats.
    Just as there is a completely different method for socializing feral horses brought in from BLM herds there is a distinct and different way to handle a feral cat than one raised in your home.
    My experience with both is these animals form a very deep bond with their personal humans and can be quite fractious with strangers who want to handle them or even other family members or riders.

    • You make a very good argument and I agree with you. There are a lot of great cat companions out there in the feral cat community. And in Asia they they have semi-feral cats which are part of the community. It is arguably a better arrangement than the model that we have in the West. I see a lot of failure in cat domestication. You could argue that cat domestication as a whole has been a failure in the long term. It might have been better if it had never happened and humans had cared more for the welfare of small wild cat species in the wild like the N. African wild cat. That’s the PETA model and I agree with it.

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