Awesome Possum: Veterinarian believes cat born to feral litter in NC may be a rare “werewolf” cat

Not all cats are born cute and cuddly. Some come into this world with a uniqueness rarely seen in a cat. This is the story of Awesome Possum, a possible Lykoi cat born into a feral litter.

Awesome Possum the Lykoi (Instagram)
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Possum was born in central North Carolina around July 4, 2015, to a normal looking litter of strays. She was the only kitten to show the Lykoi traits and was the runt in her feral family.

When born, Possum was completely bald except for a few patches a gray fur. Her vet believes she’s one of the rarest cats in the world, known as a Lykoi or “werewolf” cat.

Her siblings don’t realize she’s “different” (Instagram)

The family who cared for the kittens quickly found homes, except for their strange little kitten. It was feared Possum would never find a home of her own. Until a colleague of her caregiver fell in love.

Possum is now two years old and is a spoiled and healthy house cat with two companions, who don’t realize she’s different.

Her vet believes Possum is a werewolf cat (Instagram)

She’s a beautiful girl who’s sharing her life on social media. Possum is still building fans on her Facebook page (where she goes by “Ugly Possum Puss), and already has a following of over 3,600 followers on Instagram (her page is hilarious).

Do any of the readers at PoC have a cat they feel is a bit “different” in the appearance department? Please feel free to share a photo in the comment section.

For more information on the Lykoi cat, click here for an article from Michael Broad.


4 thoughts on “Awesome Possum: Veterinarian believes cat born to feral litter in NC may be a rare “werewolf” cat”

  1. This is Gizzy, my cat of a different color. She came to us in late 2011 from a kill shelter. She’s around 15 now. I call her a tortie tabby. She lives indoors with my other cats and is a lapcat.

    • She had been caught in the middle of a divorce and was extremely insane when we adopted her after she and her companion were taken to the shelter. She could growl, hiss and spit at the same time. Now she’s a sweet girl. People say they’ve never seen a cat like her.


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