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Awesome woman cares for NYC feral cats all night every night between eight p.m. and six a.m.

Meena Persaud is a unique woman with a huge heart, masses of commitment and stamina and she has a great love of cats. She says that for the past four years she has worked every night between the hours of eight p.m. and six a.m. to care for 550 feral cats on the streets of New York City. She spends $150 a day doing this, mainly in cat food I presume and it is all her own money.

Feeding feral cats NYC. Photo: Instagram page of Meena Persaud.

She says that every cat knows her and she knows their eating habits and lifestyles. She knows their eating preferences; the ones who like chicken and the ones who don’t, the ones who can eat with other cats and the ones who like to eat alone and of course she knows which ones have been sterilised and those which have not because of ear tipping. We are not told if she is working with others within a TNR program. I hope so.

She cannot look away from the suffering of animals which drives her to help. And I have heard this over and over again. Some people cannot let it go. They can’t walk by on the other side of the road when they see animal suffering. This compels them to do extraordinary things and there is no doubt in my mind that there are very few people in the USA who apply themselves so religiously and with such commitment to the care of feral cats.

Meena Persaud. Photo: Instagram page of Meena Persaud.

The coronavirus pandemic has, unsurprisingly, affected her work. Some of the cats would have been fed by waste from restaurants. They’ve been closed so those cats have come to her for food. Her money has run out and she needs donations – click this please/a>. Please help if you can. She is a saint in the world of cats and I have given her $30. A very small amount in the grand scheme of things. She deserves much more. She deserves to be given a medal by the Mayor of New York City.

Source: BK Reader. Note: I have taken the news story on face value. I have believed it but I have not been able to verify with another source. My donation by PayPal was paid to Michael Persaud. I was a little surprised to see that when I made the donation.


Note: Sometimes video stop working for reasons beyond my control. If that has happened I apologise.

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