Baby and cat duel for the laser pointer

When a baby and the family cat both play with a laser pointer in exactly the same way and with the same interest and fun it breaks down the barrier between the species. The human species and feline species merge for a moment, looking very similar especially as the baby crawls on all fours some of the time. They are like two cats playing 😉

The motivation for the cat to chase the pointer is hunting for prey. What motivates the baby to chase the pointer?

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10 thoughts on “Baby and cat duel for the laser pointer”

  1. Well I always make sure i never put the laser in there eyes as its dangerous. Thats so sad about the malware. Its sad people must create a virus out of something so cute looking.

  2. Sorry guys. I just had a trojan virus called SMH blocked when I clicked on the email link to get here today. Please consider running a scan on your computer. I highly recommend using Malwarebytes along with your regular anti-virus program. My big brother told me they look for things in a way other programs don’t. Since I got them I’ve been able to rescue myself more often than not. Only one piece of adware they can’t get rid of. Norton 360 caught and removed the SMH trojan.

    This is not POC’s fault. It’s something that can’t be helped. People are rotten.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thanks for the warning Dan, it’s scary watching videos nowadays thinking one could be infected, awful that some people will try to invade other’s computers.
      We have run malaware and anti virus on both our computers and thankfully both all clear.

  3. It’s the frustration angle that gets me, cats innocently and fruitlessly chasing a beam of light that they will never catch and will never understand why. It seems more like amusement for the person pointing the beam than for the cat. It’s nice to see the little lad and the cat playing together, the cat is obviously used to the child as she wasn’t scared when he was running around squealing I did think at one point the little boy looked puzzled and frustrated when the beam kept slipping through his hands. Not a toy I would inflict on a child or a cat.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Maybe I’m a killjoy but I don’t like to see those laser things, I worry the person might damage the cat’s eyes with it by accident.

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