Baby Felix Part II

by Chris
(Delaware County, PA)

The Big Baby Felix in a Small Picture!

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The Big Baby Felix in a Small Picture!

Sometime ago Felix was displaying somewhat odd behavior. He would lie in front of the pantry and meow throughout the night. One morning as I was going to work (5am.), I decided to look in the pantry to see if something was in there (possibly a mouse). As I removed the last box, Felix charged into the pantry and out came a grey field mouse running for his life!

Now at this point, I am screaming, my wife is screaming, and Felix is knocking over everything in his way in order to get to the mouse. I finally caught up to Felix in the back bedroom with his catch in his mouth.

Now, over the past few years I have always told Felix not to kill as he often sized up his prey looking outside the bay window. Apparently, my time with Felix paid off, he simply let the mouse go only to recapture him.

It took me a while but I finally secured the mouse from Felix's grasp. The mouse appeared unharmed and I released him back into the wild. It should be mentioned that we have six guinea pigs (caged) that I will occassionally let Felix come into close contact with.

Typically he is a bit scared but is somewhat interested, and suprisingly, the guinea pigs will walk right up to him. I would only assume that the exposure has taught him well. Enclosed (above), is a picture for you enjoyment.

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Baby Felix Part II

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Mar 18, 2010 cats and guinea pigs
by: christine

My daughter has a cat as well as three guinea pigs. They all seem to get on really well.When they play on the floor he will sit and watch them,Sometimes he will even try to groom them. Only once did he put out a paw to them, but with claws in.
Some time ago I had a rescue cat, Mitzi who liked hunting. She brought me a present of a dead bird once when I was in the bath. I told her it was not niceto kill, and she never went after anything again.

Mar 14, 2010 Part of the contract
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Chris. Good to hear from you and Baby Felix again. Well, chasing mice is part of the contract we humans once made with the cats.
It's not uncommon for them to leave their prey alive - at least for a while. If you had not intervened, he maybe would have played a little with it before the final kill. And as a good house cat he would then have offered the mouse to his humans, expecting praise and a little reward. 😉
I'm a little surprised that the guinea pigs aren't afraid of him. Good for them that he is so well behaved.

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