Baby Felix

by Chris McHenry

King of the house!

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King of the house!

We took Felix in about two and a half years ago. When I first saw Felix (about two months old) he was only a kitten and appeared to have been abused (burnt whiskers). He was living under my neighbors porch and my neighbor was not a cat lover. So my wife spent about four months with him trying to gain his trust and lure him into our yard were he would be safe.

Slowly, Felix began to trust my wife by rubbing against her and eventually jumping on her lap. At that point, we decided to see if Felix trusted us enough to come into our home. We opened the back slider and Felix came inside immediately. The next step was the liter box.

Amazingly, Felix went right to the liter box as if he was using one all of his life. At that point, we knew we had a keeper. When the time was right, we had Felix neutered, and he was given all of the proper shots. He now enjoys a good life inside our home.

Two and a half years later, Felix weighs-in at 25 pounds. Stretched out, he reaches three feet in length. Measured from the top of his back to the ground, Felix is 16-inches in height. He is quite the talker, and is able to jump at least four feet or higher if need be. His head measures five-inches in circumference, and his feet are 5-inches in length.

He has become a son to me and my wife, and we both love him as if he were. It appears that he is a tabby. However, his fur is unusually thick for that breed, and because of his size, he could be of another breed. Above is a picture for your enjoyment.


Baby Felix to Largest Domestic Cat Breed

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Baby Felix

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Feb 23, 2010 Lucky Felix
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Chris. Most cats instinctively know what the little box is for, but it surely is the way to score a few extra points in a new home. No wonder you fell for this great looking cat and luckily you took him in at a young age. Felix means lucky or blessed and so all of you must feel.
Btw. 'tabby' is not a breed, but just the pattern. I think Felix is best described as an 'orange mackerel tabby with white, mixed breed, domestic shorthair' - and a very fine example of that he is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 22, 2010 Felix
by: Ruth

What a beautiful big boy Felix is and what a lovely photo !
We have a similar boy living next door to us, his name is Murphy, he looks very like your Felix.
He is very placid but quietly rules the house and the rest of the cats.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 22, 2010 Must be a PA thing...
by: Bob

The size must be a Pennsylvania thing. I am also from PA and my boys are all very big, except for El Ray, who is the size of a four month old kitten at over two years. My first two boys, Ozzy and Zombie, are both huge as were the cats at the home I got them from as babies. Maybe it's due to genes inherited from Maine Coons who ended up here, it's not entirely inconceivable. Zombie's father was very big, and was also a polydactyl, with seven claws on each front paw and five each on the back. Ozzy is built like a Rottweiler... he has a large head and shoulders, then tapers back to his hind quarters. Loki is bigger than all of them, and he's just over a year old and still growing. I believe he may be descended from a Savannah who might have been given away as a pet due to undesirable traits, as he closely resembles one that a Savannah breeder here in Pittsburgh owns. At any rate, cats around here seem to get big, and I believe it may be a localized genetic influence.

Feb 22, 2010 Gorgeous
by: Michael

Felix is an absolutely gorgeous orange (red) tabby (mackerel) and white cat and it seems that he is only about 1 inch or so shorter in height (at the shoulder) than the Guinness World Record tallest pet cat, F1 Savannah cat MAGIC. Magic is 17.1 inches at the shoulder.

Plus he is at the top end of domestic cat weight being the same size as the big Maine Coons and Savannahs.

Thanks for showing him to us.

Michael Avatar

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