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Baby Jesus and the Manger Cat — 9 Comments

  1. This is a stupid, self-serving fantasy which has no basis in historical reality. Stop promoting Egyptian cat-worship in the Messiah’s name. It’s insulting to the intelligence of any rational monotheist.

    I am not a Christian, in case you’re wondering.

    • It is a fantasy but some people like it and it makes a nice story for some people. Try and respect others. You’re a Muslim right? Well the Koran is full of crap as well.

  2. Cats MASTER unconditional love. God IS unconditional love. Cats are closer to God than humans are. YES, add a Cat to the manger. The scene won’t be complete without atleast 1 Cat. #UniversalTRUTH

  3. Watch this video from the reputable PBS “NOVA” series; http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/animal-mummies.html

    It explains how and why all sorts of species of animals were mummified to act as prayer-note envelopes to send prayer pleas to the god or goddess of your choice. Species of animals from ibises, to crocodiles, to even full-grown bulls were mummified and their “spirit” was used to send a message to that animal’s kindred deity. The “soul” of the animal was supposed to carry your prayer-note directly to the lap of the deity represented by that species. It was big business for them, they sold mummified animals of any species to any visitor from any lands as a way of contacting their favorite deity. Like a fed-ex to send messages to your gods. Cats, of course, being the most prolific and easiest to breed for mummification were also the least effort and cost (compared to catching an ibis, crocodile, or the expensive and extensive effort to mummify a full-grown bull; for example). The only value cats had to them were when cats were dead and mummified for a pre-addressed message envelope to contact their Bastet. This is why they found over 300,000 young mummified cats buried there. Bastet was the bargain-basement of gods, her popularity created by being the cheapest to talk to this way.

    Acting as protectors of grain-stores in The Fertile Crescent had nothing to do with why cats became popular back then. That explanation for cat popularity is nothing more than another false urban-legend today. Their popularity came from being the most inexpensive, easiest to breed for sacrificial purposes, and the easiest to mummify animal to be used as pre-addressed prayer envelopes. If a cat is to appear in any manger scene today it would have to be a young dead cat that was mummified with a birthday greeting embedded in the wraps of the dead cat.

    Time to update all your stories with a little honesty and truth. Ever hear the phrase, “Thou shalt not lie.” Start doing so.

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