Baby Yoda: Are these the same cat? I don’t think so…

I’m going to make this article short and to the point. Are these the same cat? I don’t think so…

comparison photos
Are these the same cat or different cats?
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I was anonymously sent this photo from a Facebook post by the woman who now has Baby Yoda AKA Joy. The first photo is the photo of her cat, whom she said was missing and was being called “Baby Yoda” by news media.

The second photo is Baby Yoda, who is now with the lady after being given to her by the treating veterinary clinic without permission from those who were paying the veterinary expenses.

These are not the same cat, in my opinion. The woman’s cat has the white ending slightly elevated up from the cheeks. Baby Yoda has black continuing down from the cheeks. And we don’t even want to talk about those ears!

Please give your opinion in the comment section. I have no updates on this and I have no idea when the photo on the left was taken.

Update from Michael

I have to confess that if the ears are in this position because of the injury then the pictures may be of the same cat! It is hard to say that because I was convinced they were different. But the humane soc say that the vets have said that the flat ears are due to the injury. As to the black marking on the side of the face being different this may be due to the camera angle. It would have helped to have seen the cat’s body too. That would have been conclusive.

However, wanted to know what was being done about it. This is allegedly an act of theft by the woman who now possesses Baby Yoda with the connivance of the veterinarian who gave her Baby Yoda because he was irritated by all accounts with the situation. I have asked the humane society if they are trying to recover Baby Yoda. Here is the full conversation:


So that is it. Game over.

Elisa: Found another photo

Baby Yoda
Black markings sloping downward more visible.

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda side view. Markings don’t match

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4 thoughts on “Baby Yoda: Are these the same cat? I don’t think so…”

  1. Does anyone have any references as to how an injury to the neck can make the ears drop like this? I’ve been searching and haven’t found anything yet. You can tell this isn’t an aggression or fear ear-thing going on. It looks like the ears were cut off cleanly and lowered and reattached to a new position. That’s what I’m finding very hard to believe.How can a neck injury cause this?

    • I have added the full conversation with the humane soc. They say that vets disagree over this. But the more I look at the markings the more I think this is the cat and the body markings are similar too – see the conversation.


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