Backlash against Australia’s plan to kill 2 million feral cats

I’m convinced that all sensible people of the world are appalled by the Australian government’s plan to cull 2 million feral cats to stop them harming native species. They intend to poison them despite the obvious contradiction that the government says that culling will be carried out humanely.

Australian Premier wants to kill feral cats en masse

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The respected animal advocate, Brigitte Bardot, has voiced her concerns in an open letter in French.

Bardot in 2007

“This animal genocide is inhumane and ridiculous. In addition to being cruel, killing these cats is absolutely useless since the rest of them will keep breeding… Your country is sullied by the blood of millions of innocent animals so please, don’t add cats to this morbid record,” Brigitte Bardot wrote.

She is referring to the culling of other animals such as goats and koalas en masse. In addition, feral camels and wild horses have been culled in large numbers.

Animals Australia said that it was sceptical that the government’s plan would make a significant difference to the population of feral cats in Australia. In addition they make the point once again that the most significant threat to Australia’s native species is the destruction of their habitat and food sources by human activity.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) said on Wednesday that the culling of animals had been proved to be ineffective in the past and called upon the Australian government to look for more sustainable long-term nonlethal solutions. They refer to the supressing of cats’ fertility by which they mean trap-neuter-release programs.

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2 thoughts on “Backlash against Australia’s plan to kill 2 million feral cats”

  1. So pleased that Brigitte Bardot stood up. Actually, I didn’t really know that she was still with us. I loved her. I can still see the beauty in her aged face; and, the beauty in her heart is touching.
    But, there are many, many celebrity animal advocates and can only hope that they take a stand also.

    • I really admire Brigitte Bardot. Not only does she love animals and is an animal advocate so she uses her celebrity to help animals, she also doesn’t care about her looks in old age because she has not had plastic surgery. To me this is highly impressive because of all the people who are celebrities there must’ve been a lot of pressure on her to retain her beautiful looks but she rejected it, to be herself and the focus on the more important things. I love her for that.


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