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Bacteria Pasteurella Multocida in Mouth of Cat Can Cause Meningitis — 8 Comments

  1. 8 weeks after an uneventful and easy knee replacement surgery, my knee erupted with infection. Little did I know that my 9 year old cat, who had always been a nipper, would be the cause. The dozens of previous bites had never caused a single problem, but the one bite did. Had two more surgeries on my knee as well as six weeks of twice a day IV antibiotic treatments. 10 weeks later still worry that infection might be hiding somewhere, and continue to monitor with blood tests. Loved my cat, but beware.

    • A very interesting comment Nancy. Many thanks for taking the time to comment. I think I’ll turn it into a short article.

  2. I can see alot of room for those media vultures to make a sensational article out of this – obviously depicting the cat as a dangerous monster.

    They are just crazy wild bitey scratchey lethal monsters aren’t they. My god. I mean my cat killed about 15 birds over 8 years. That’s just terrible. I mean we humans don’t kill birds do we, um?

    This is information will be used as ammo with the haters

  3. Simple hygiene can prevent all infections from animals. What was the mother of the baby doing letting the cat lick her bottle?
    As you say Michael a case like this is very very rare but no doubt the press will have a field day at the expense of cats and idiots who believe all they read will be panicking and chucking the family cat out 🙁

  4. The most dangerous place in the world for picking up life-threatening infections is a hospital. I would rather take my chances with my cats

  5. Anything in life has its own hazards even owning and caring for pets.Isn’t crossing a road dangerous for accidents to us humans ? The “Pasteurella multocida3 ” bacteria that infected this baby is definitely one of the rarest of rare cases.As Michael says hope the media doesn’t make the common cat a symbol of a pet than can pass on dangerous animal infections to humans.

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