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Bad Experience With No Kill Cat Shelter — 4 Comments

  1. Deanna–Don’t worry! Not all is lost! I had the exact same situation with my leather furniture when I rescued a tiny stray kitten. What stopped her from completely destroying it? Well, besides letting her know over and over that it was NOT okay to do such a thing, I got her a cat scratching box! Some cats like poles, but in my experience, most cats prefer a slab of “scratching surface” that they can lay on and scratch. When I got this for my cat and placed it next to the sofa, she completely forgot about the furniture and went for the cheapie scratch box instead!

    Good luck! I wish you many happy years with your little one. 🙂

  2. I just took in a stray kitten that my sister’s neighbour abandoned.. no one knew this neighbour but knew that she owned the kitten.i moved from another province and was staying with my sis. took me 3 months to find an apartment. I took the cat with me. she was getting attacked every night by other cats and she always came to me for protection. I just purchased new leather furniture and she is starting to destroy it. I do not know what to do because i love her but i am on a fixed income and i cannot afford to buy new furniture ( and i have never owned anything as nice as i have now in my life). I cannot afford to declaw her or have her fixed (and i fear she may be pregnant). i do not know what to do..any advice??? im so scared to bring her to a shelter now (i dont even think they have a no kill policy here…i heard that they wont accept any more cats anyways. i live on a small community on cape breton island nova scotia.

    • Hi, I’ll be totally honest.

      The reason why you have a problem is because your cat is scratching your furniture. You should not have bought new leather furniture if you are concerned about it being scratched. I am afraid you have created the problem.

      You should therefore deal with the problem responsibly. You can protect the furniture by putting a throw over it or some sort of temporary cover.

      I presume your kitten is chasing over it scratching it. Your kitten will slow down and stop doing that but leather furniture will always be vulnerable to scratching.

      You will have to get a scratching post and train your cat to use it. At the same time accept some damage to personal possessions.

      This sounds tough and harsh and sorry for that but I sense that you are not really in a situation or have the mentality where you are able to care for a cat.

      Well done though for helping the kitten in the first place. That was good of you. But it seems you are unable to follow through in your rescue.

      In my book you should not even be considering declawing! It is cruel as far as I am concerned.

      I wish you both the best of luck.

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