Bad Experience With No Kill Cat Shelter

by Angie
(Ma, USA)

My story is heart breaking. I am very allergic to cats and I am poor. There is a cat that lives in my yard that is obviously very young and not feral. She loves people and the neighborhood has kinda adopted her.

I randomly find empty cat food cans in my yard so I know she is being fed. She arrived in my yard recently so I called the local humane shelters all of which have a no kill policy. However they all charge a fee to take in cats. I was willing to spend some money to find this beautiful little girl a home so I brought her in.

They then informed me it would cost me $360 to abandon my cat with them. I was taken aback. I explained that this cat did not belong to me and was found in my yard and had been hanging around for awhile so I brought her in so she could find a good home. I told the lady that I could afford to donate $83 which is all I had to help but I just didn’t have any more money.

The lady at the shelter proceeded to call me a heartless wretch and that the money they were asking for was how much it cost to spay and vaccinate her.

I told the lady that regardless I did not have the money and I guess I would have to figure something else out. She started yelling at me saying she saw people like me every day and that she knew that I just wanted to get rid of a cat that I decided I no longer wanted.

Well I just picked up my new little friend and left. I was so offended by this woman that I was actually crying on the way home. Well after my experience I decided that I would call a local vet to see what they suggested.

The vet was so kind, she volunteered to spay my friend if I payed to vaccinate the little kitty. She told if I couldn’t find someone to take the kitty by this winter she would try to help.

Well I came to find out my little yard kitty had already been spayed and that anyone who deals with animals would have noticed this. I almost feel like the shelter was trying to rip me off. The vet called me two days later because she actually found a home for the kitty.

This story has a happy ending but I still can’t help but feel the shelter could have been more understanding. Her new owner named her Destiny. I hope people look into shelters before they bring in a cat.


Bad Experience With No Kill Cat Shelter to Feral Cats

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Bad Experience With No Kill Cat Shelter

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Feb 06, 2011 Unfriendly volunteers
by: JK


I’m sorry you had to experience this but glad everything worked out in the end. It amazes me how ignorant people can be. I can relate to having a not so nice experience when corresponding with the head supervising volunteer of the shelter I got my kitty though. I rescued a sweet kitty from a “no-kill” shelter who after only 9 months into the adoption became symptomatic of an ear infection. Turned out at some point, his ear drum ruptured as a result of a virus he picked up. He also developed tape worm a few months post adoption and I treated that but if he were treated for worms prior to adoption, it would never have been an issue. I have spent a total of over $2100 on this ear issue alone and now he needs long term meds and surgery is recommended to remove the access tissue that formed post ear drum rupture. There has to be a line drawn with how much is spent and if I had endless funds I would spend money on the surgery.

So naturally upset by it, I contacted the shelter of the issue I’ve been dealing with in hopes that they would help with funding since the illness started prior to my adoption even if he didn’t show symptoms then and questioned their pre-screening process. Was strong with my manner, but civil about it. I was stunned at how I was interpreted, being called a “nasty” person for being so rude and all they could offer was return my cat. Why would I return a cat that has become attached to me now? Needless to say didn’t end on good terms and will do with out them. Last time I checked a “nasty” person doesn’t adopt a homeless pet in need. I was insulted and my cat is better off with me doing what I can for him than to be in another cage again.

Apr 05, 2010 I too am sorry
by: Tracey

I was very sorry to hear about your experience.

I know it’s no excuse but I would guess that they see cats in all manner of conditions being bought in by people saying they ‘found’ them.

You sound like a very genuine caring person so they should have realised however I suppose being a volunteer can mean that you judge everyone the same. Despite this the person was totally out of order, you were just trying to help.

Please don’t let this stop you helping animals as they are always in need of caring people like you.

I’m so sorry you are allergic, you would make a lovely cat keeper!

Apr 05, 2010 Not all No-Kill Shelters the same
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I was mortified by your story. I volunteer at a 100% volunteer-run, 100% no-kill shelter in Massachusetts and the behavior you experienced would NEVER be tolerated for any reason! I would suggest you find out who is in charge of that shelter and report that person immediately! It is people like that who give a bad name to shelters everywhere. That kind of publicity we do not need.

It is so heartwarming that even though you faced this horrendous situation, you never gave up and your efforts were rewarded. Thank you so very much for taking the time to find this feline a forever home. I would also ask that you please do not judge shelters by this one instance. Most shelters go above and beyond the call of duty to help animals get the best care.

Finally, I implore you to report that horrible person. If that is the front desk for the shelter, that person needs to be removed before she does more harm than good. Thank you again for your kindness.

Apr 05, 2010 not all shelters are the same
by: kays hill animal sanctuary

im sorry you had such a rough time over your little kitten they all deserve a second chance, all rescues do need financial help but i believe this should never be set in stone, peoples circumstances are all different,
as a rescue shelter the first priority must be the animals welfare
i also believe no kill must mean no kill unless on vets advice
our sanctuary is desperate for funds but i still help those in need of urgent care often at my own expence

Apr 05, 2010 Cat No Kill Shelters.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Its not only in America but even in Mumbai(India) that the “S.P.C.A hospital(Society for prevention of cruelty to animals)” would charge a person for bringing in a stray dog or cat for treatment, although its partly subsidised by government funds. I once took a “road accident stray dog” to the hospital and deposited t thinking that it was free of charge, since i rescued a street animal from certain death.In those days(1990’s) i was employed in the “Merchant Navy” and hence had to later leave home to join a ship. On arrival at home after a few weeks my father told me that there were numerous calls from the “S.P.C.A” hospital regarding the “Hospital Bill Payments” of a dog . I later visited the hospital and was told that i yad to pay for the entore “Lodging and treatment” of the dog which had died during treatment.Luckily, i am resonably well-off and hence paid the bill without much fuss, sad that me charity work for animals and image of “Charity Hospitals” received a secvere jolt. Had i left that dog on the street, after it was hit by a vehicle then it would have died a miserable death, hence, i realise that there is less social work amongst animal welfare organisations as its affordable mostly to wealthy pet lovers.
the same would be the case of “Stray cats”,in other words, no pet medical treatment is free, either in the developed economy or developing economy.

Rudolph avatar

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Apr 05, 2010 You are an Earth Angel Angie
by: Ruth

Angie you are a little Earth Angel and I’m so sorry you had that bad experience with the Shelter after your kindness.
Probably many times people do go there pretending that the cat they take in is a stray but most times is realy their own cat they want to dump. But that doesn’t excuse that awful woman, she should have realised you weren’t that sort of person.
It is dificult, almost impossible, to tell if a cat has been spayed after the fur has grown back, if the op was done by a good vet leaving only a very small scar.But to demand you pay for spaying was very wrong of her too.
Even experienced vets I worked for sometimes opened up a cat only to find she had already been spayed, in which case a couple of stitches were put in and there was no charge.
Those Shelters get donations given to cover the needs of stray cats so they shouldn’t treat kind people as you were treated.
I haven’t a very high opinion of USA vets either, especially the ones who declaw cats,but there are some excellent and kind ones and it’s sad they get lumped in with the corrupt money grabbing sort.
I’m so glad Destiny has a good home now and it’s thanks to YOU for caring Angie.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 05, 2010 Not poor
by: Michael

You may be financial poor but you are rich in heart and spirit. Thanks for struggling through the obstacles and finding a home for this cat.

Your bad experience with the cat shelter shows how many people abandon cats and make excuses judging by the reception that you received.

But her behavior was appalling. I think you should write a formal letter of complaint.

I am gradually becoming less of an admirer of cat shelters as I am told they won’t help on a survey about declawing cats. Where are their allegiances?

And although I dish out criticism of veterinarians (
for declawing cats), the vet who helped deserves praise.

4 thoughts on “Bad Experience With No Kill Cat Shelter”

  1. Deanna–Don’t worry! Not all is lost! I had the exact same situation with my leather furniture when I rescued a tiny stray kitten. What stopped her from completely destroying it? Well, besides letting her know over and over that it was NOT okay to do such a thing, I got her a cat scratching box! Some cats like poles, but in my experience, most cats prefer a slab of “scratching surface” that they can lay on and scratch. When I got this for my cat and placed it next to the sofa, she completely forgot about the furniture and went for the cheapie scratch box instead!

    Good luck! I wish you many happy years with your little one. 🙂

  2. I just took in a stray kitten that my sister’s neighbour abandoned.. no one knew this neighbour but knew that she owned the kitten.i moved from another province and was staying with my sis. took me 3 months to find an apartment. I took the cat with me. she was getting attacked every night by other cats and she always came to me for protection. I just purchased new leather furniture and she is starting to destroy it. I do not know what to do because i love her but i am on a fixed income and i cannot afford to buy new furniture ( and i have never owned anything as nice as i have now in my life). I cannot afford to declaw her or have her fixed (and i fear she may be pregnant). i do not know what to do..any advice??? im so scared to bring her to a shelter now (i dont even think they have a no kill policy here…i heard that they wont accept any more cats anyways. i live on a small community on cape breton island nova scotia.

    • Hi, I’ll be totally honest.

      The reason why you have a problem is because your cat is scratching your furniture. You should not have bought new leather furniture if you are concerned about it being scratched. I am afraid you have created the problem.

      You should therefore deal with the problem responsibly. You can protect the furniture by putting a throw over it or some sort of temporary cover.

      I presume your kitten is chasing over it scratching it. Your kitten will slow down and stop doing that but leather furniture will always be vulnerable to scratching.

      You will have to get a scratching post and train your cat to use it. At the same time accept some damage to personal possessions.

      This sounds tough and harsh and sorry for that but I sense that you are not really in a situation or have the mentality where you are able to care for a cat.

      Well done though for helping the kitten in the first place. That was good of you. But it seems you are unable to follow through in your rescue.

      In my book you should not even be considering declawing! It is cruel as far as I am concerned.

      I wish you both the best of luck.


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