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Bad Vet Experience — 2 Comments

  1. It is time to vent about the Dowagiac Animal Hospital,P.C.

    I have taken Garfield there 3 times since i moved to the area, they have terrified my cat . I was told that they netted him just to give him shots,my cat is four years old going on five,he has been to the vet every year to get his shots and has never acted like he acts at this vet , i think they have mistreated him so much that he remembers what they did to him. then after they terrified my cat ,they tell me they cannot see him anymore he is just to bad. Garfied has never had a reaction to the vet like he does there. I think the Dowagiac vet miss treats the animals and would highly recomend that if you are taking your animals there, to find another vet. I have never had a vet not want you to go with animal to the exan room, I am so sorry that i took my cat to these people.

    Elizabeth Hagedorn

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Interesting. I had to delete the other Facebook replies and likes etc as the comment looked chaotic. I would ask if your cat needs regular vaccination boosters. I think you’ll find he does not.

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