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Badly stressed and vicious cat ‘cured’ with mind altering medication — 4 Comments

  1. I’m guessing he never specifies what meds on his show because his legal team told him not to. Because some idiot looking to save a few bucks might try to medicate their cat on their own and guess who they would sue when the cat fares poorly or dies. But most of all Jackson does not want any cats harmed by idiots trying to bypass the vet fee and do it themselves.

    • Good point. I agree and have stated in the article that Jackson is limited as to what he can do on air which distorts the real issues to be honest.

  2. His whole demeanor is threatening. You don’t just approach a cat as a stranger and expect her to be friendly. My friendly cats would react the same way if a stranger approached them in the same manner that this guy did. Cats are different than dogs and need time to adjust and warm up to someone. He should not encroach into her space and poke objects at her. This is sure to elicit an aggressive response from a cat.

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