Baffling Cat Photo!

The exact same photo of my cat is on the iPhone he is touching. If you look at the photo on the iPhone you’ll see it is the same as the photograph itself. How did I do it? No Photoshopping was involved.

Answer! I used a camera (Canon 35mm 6D) which allowed me to operate it remotely using the smartphone. So the phone is showing what the camera sees.

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  1. Hi thats nice Michael Just thought I’d let you know My Rebel has gone Missing since Monday now. I hope he turns up soon its not the same here without Him. I have put an add on Facebook Group in my area and some people are looking out. I just hope he hasnt been pitched or something horrible happened. Im trying to think Postive.

  2. I will try again, you are using a Camera control App on the Iphone which allows you to see on the Iphone what the Camera is pointing at.

    • Yes, well done Alan. You are right. I used a “camera lens” which connects wirelessly with the iPhone so the iPhone becomes the viewfinder/screen so when the iPhone is in the shot you can see the photo that is being taken. In fact the photo being taken is replicated ad infinitum on the iPhone but the detail is not good enough to see it.

      It is rather difficult to explain but I hope that is clear.

    • Not quite. You are thinking well DW. It is about technology as you say but you probably haven’t heard of this particular technology. I’ll say how it was done tomorrow so there is more time for comments.


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