Bailey The Cross Eyed LaPerm Cat

by Debbie
(Auckland, New Zealand)


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We found Bailey in a pet shop along with several of his brothers and sisters. We had chosen a different kitten but Bailey kept coming up to my son and sitting on his knee. - He chose us.

We didn't notice he was cross-eyed until some time later. It doesn't seem to affect him too much as he still catches birds and mice. We have had him for three years now and love him to bits.


Hi Debbie.... thanks for visiting and showing us Bailey.

It is nice to hear from New Zealand. Bailey is a very attractive cat.

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Bailey The Cross Eyed LaPerm Cat

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Bailey The Cross Eyed LaPerm Cat

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Jan 08, 2010
by: Everycat

Bailey is a lovely lad. he looks like a real character, I bet he gets everything he wants. I'd never heard of the LaPerm breed before seeing them here. That coat is a one off.

Here's to a long happy life for Bailey!


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  1. We too have a cross eyed laperm called Sparx. He is pretty clumsy as his peripheral vision is non existent. He will ofter swing his head from side to side to see properly, and occasionally runs into walls. He seems happy though and is always a sense of amusement to visitors.

    1. I wonder if there is some Siamese in him. What I mean is, I wonder if breeders outcross LaPerms to Siamese for some reason or other. As you know the cross-eyed condition is common in Siamese. Thanks for posting.

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