Bailiffs (enforcement agents) can seize cats to enforce money debts

In Russia debt collectors (bailiffs) are allowed to seize and sell the debtor’s pet cat or cats.

In Russia, bailiffs are called state collectors (at least with respect to a failure to pay tax). It doesn’t matter what you call them, their job is to seize assets to pay off a debt owed and which the debtor has, for too long, failed to discharge.

Russian Blue Brit SH
Russian Blue Brit SH – they look different to American and British bred cats of the same breed.
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For an individual Russian, living in Russia, with personal unpaid debts, state collectors are allowed to seize his cats. This is unusual. In the UK “domestic pets” cannot be seized by bailiffs. Pets are one of a long list of excepted items. The most usual excepted items are those required by the debtor to earn money; the tools of his trade.

In Russia, if a debtor is asset poor but keeps cats the debt enforcement agent may seize his cats. This is quite relevant in Russia because they like their purebred cats. Russia has an active cat fancy and there are many cat breeders.

Russians like their Russian Blues and Blue British Shorthairs. The Kurilian Bobtail comes from the east of Russia.

Court appointed marshals have seized four Scottish Fold kittens in Tomsk, Siberia. A Sphynx kitten was seized in another case.

In a further case, a resident of Novosibirsk owed a debt of $198 (I won’t convert to roubles because the exchange rate at this time is very volatile). It would be considered a small debt in the West. The debt was owed due to the man’s failure to pay his taxes.

The man was living with his parents and had no assets to seize. He had no regular income but the bailiffs noticed that there was a beautiful cat (a Russian bred, blue British Shorthair, I believe) in the debtor’s arms, when they visited. There were three kittens of the same breed racing around the home.

As the bailiffs were completing the paperwork prior to seizing the cats, the man was suddenly able to pay off his debts! Perhaps his parents stepped in. We don’t know. It was an effective ploy, though, but it must be wrong to include a domestic cat companion as an item which can be seized by bailiffs to pay of personal debts.

Or am I being too sentimental?

5 thoughts on “Bailiffs (enforcement agents) can seize cats to enforce money debts”

  1. No Michael, you are not being sentimental here, because in this point the LAW makers must understand that a pet or CAT n DOG is not a non-spirited thing. It has emotions and acts like our children. The emotions and links between the caretaker/ owner are attached to that pet. Its like kidnapping anyones child in front of him. Perhaps many people will consider me as mad man but this seems to me like that.

    The LAW must re-act and rethink about every psychological manners because law is for human welfare not HUMAN is for paying sacrifices for Law. 🙁

  2. For me, it’s just another example of cats being considered “property”.
    But, at least, it seems unlikely that the cats would be killed. For that, I’m grateful.


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