‘Ballerina cat’ features in the Sony World Photography national winners

A photograph titled ‘Ballerina’ by Kazutoshi Ono, Japan, was award 2nd place in the Sony World Photography awards. I am unsure but I believe this means that Kazutoshi came 2nd in Japan. It is a fine cat photography. I have taken an extreme liberty in publishing his excellent photograph here. If there is an objection, please tell me in a comment. The Japanese appreciate the photogenic nature of the domestic and street cat. I have seen a lot of cat photography from Japan.

‘This reminds me that cats are such beautiful creatures’

Ballerina cat
Ballerina cat by Kazutoshi Ono.
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I can tell you how the photograph was created because I have seen a very similar photograph by Helmi Flick of a Bengal cat reaching up like this. The cat is reaching to grab hold of a cat tease. Cat teases are often feathers on the end of stick which mimics a bird flying. An irresistibly tempting object which compels the cat to attack.

Bengal cat by Helmi Flick
Bengal cat copyright Helmi Flick

There might have been a second person near the cat with the cat tease which would free up both hands for the photographer. However, as the cat is quite near the photographer and as he used a standard focal length lens judging by the perspective, it is very possible that Kazutoshi Ono handled the tease with his left hand and operated the camera with his right.

It would have been tricky but doable. I believe that the renown Japanese cat photographer Tetsu Yamazaki works alone and handles a cat tease in one hand and the camera in the other.

Kazutoshi Ono has used daylight but it was probably a well-lit room. He needed plenty of light as he used a high shutter speed to freeze the movement of the cat as it leapt upwards. My guess is that he did not want to use flashlight as it is too harsh and unnatural and the available natural light was excellent.

Here is some more cat photography:

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