Ban this bad veterinarian as he abuses animals in his clinic (videos)

Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi is totally ill-suited to being a veterinarian. He must hate animals. He hits them in his clinic. Veterinary technicians filmed his animal abuse 12 times. They reported him to the veterinary licensing authority. It’s extraordinary. If you have the strength, watch the videos below.

Veterinarian abuses dog in clinic

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Reskhi practices in Canada at the Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario. Despite the hard and irrefutable evidence that Reskhi is totally unsuitable to be a veterinarian, his license has merely been suspended for ten months from August 20th after being food guilty of abusing animals and professional misconduct.

It is impossible to come to any other conclusion other than a complete ban for Reskhi. His license must be revoked.

His ‘punishment’ is obviously far too lenient. All decent minded people would agree that. The copious number of comments on the internet are 100% for his license being revoked. There is real anger. Despite that the toothless and useless veterinary licensing authority have slapped him on the wrist and will let him return to practicing early after some retraining and a fine of $10,000.

How they think he can be trained to have compassion for animals is beyond me. His short tempered approach and apparent dislike of animals is hardwired in him. It is his character. No amount of training will alter that.

We are all familiar with the way veterinary licensing authorities demonstrate a stark reluctance to take firm and ethical steps against professional misconduct. They just don’t want to punish their own. They’ll do anything to support vets even when they are doing the exact opposite to what they should be doing.

What the authorities say is that Rekhi has shown remorse and accepts that he has behaved inappropriately. I suppose they concluded that he deserves a second chance. I disagree because he won’t change. I can pretty well guarantee that.

Arguably Reskhi’s actions are criminal. He should be prosecuted under animal welfare laws. Why hasn’t he? More sloppy behaviour from the authorities. The establishment protects its own, you know. This is an example.

However, I have just read that the executive director of the Lincoln County Humane Society, Kevin Strooband, is investigating. He has police powers concerning animal abuse.

“I will gather evidence,” he said. “I will talk to the CVO and see if I can gather evidence from them, and I will go forward from there. If I need more, I will talk to witnesses and eyewitnesses and see what they have to offer about the allegations.”

Larissa Engels and Jessica Hamilton, two of the former veterinary technicians at Skyway Animal Hospital are flabbergasted at the lenient sentence. They believe that he should never be allowed to handle animals again.

There is a petition put forward by Jennifer Schwager on the website. If you have time please sign it.

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