Banjo My Male Snow Bengal Cat

Banjo My Male Snow Bengal Cat

by Patty
(Greenfield, WI.)

Nap Time for Banjo

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Nap Time for Banjo

Hi....Two years ago on my birthday I saw a ad for a Bengal cat. I had no idea what they were, so I looked them up on the internet.

He was extremely cheap and since I love cats so much, my roommate Carol bought him for me for my birthday.

The woman I got him from had a Purina's folder and told me he was up to date on all his shots, and even had immunization enclosed for what shots were needed and when. Assuming this woman was telling the truth, he was bought. She had two snow Bengal's and her son favored the smaller younger one, so I got Banjo.

When my daughter saw his information she told me anyone could have filled it out, and I should ask the woman where she got him from and call the vet he had been taken to. I called the woman and asked her what Vet. she had taken him to, for his shots. I wrote the name down, and my daughter called me the next day and said she had checked with the Vet. and there was never a snow Bengal brought to them or they would remember a Bengal.

Needless to say, I was upset that this woman would lie about his vaccinations and information she gave me on him.

When I took him to my Vet. she heard a murmur in his heart. She would not neuter him until he saw a cardiologist. He was also born with a small hernia. I took him to the heart doctor, and found out he has two heart conditions. But, not bad enough to have to be on any pills but may have to in the future.

She told me what to look for that I would know his heart was getting worse. I'm happy to say he hasn't shown any signs, and with as much as he likes chasing the other cats it obviously isn't getting worse. The one heart condition she said mainly dogs only get. So, every year I have to take him in for the test which is quite expensive. I'm just glad I got him, because I don't think anyone else would put out that kind of money for a test.

I told my roommate, what are the chances of my cat having heart problems, when I also have two! I've had open heart surgery to fix my mitral valve, and had to have a pacemaker/feb put in.

I'm uploading a picture of Banjo that I think is just precious. When he gets tired he goes on the bed, climbs underneath the covers and goes to sleep. The funny part is it looks like someone tucked him into the bed, when he's done it all by himself. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I have.

I'll be putting more picture's of him on, but can't decide which one's because of course I think there all adorable. So, enjoy have a great week-end and take care! :o)


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Banjo My Male Snow Bengal Cat

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Jun 22, 2010 love Bengals
by: Kathy

I love Banjo. I too love Bengals. My beloved Lia is half Bengal. I raised him from a kitten but was seperated from him about 4 years and finally was able to get him back. His story is on this page under-Got my Bengal Back. There also are several comments on my expieriences with several Bengal breeders. When someone on here suggested that I lease my new baby Savannah kitten out to a cattery to be bred I was horrified. Cat breeders dont stud their males out to outside cats. Understandable because of all the diseases out there. I am aware of all the inbreeding in cats. Part of it I'm sure is because of the refusal to breed to outside cats like they do in the dog world. When researching my Savannah's pedigree there were over 13 cats on there that were littermates. I dont mean they were all from the same litter but various litters. How this came about Im not sure but some of the cats that were related were on the mother and father side. Also the mother and father of my kitten have the same line on one side. Then I got the Savannah cat handbook which recommends inbreeding. Well I raised Bengals for a while and was not happy with the breeders that I dealt with. Now Im beginning to find out that the Savannah breeders arent much different. The breeder I bought my kitten from is just starting out and was not aware of all of the related cats on the pedigree until I pointed it out to him. Why was that I wondered. These are expensive cats. The kittens he has for sale now hes asking 1,250.00 for. They are full sisters to my kitten. Well I love Banjo and I hope you and him have many years together. My Lia is getting up in age. He has been through a lot. I can only wonder what happened to the other kitten!!

Jun 20, 2010 Hi Patty
by: Michael

Thanks for a nice story about your Bengal cat. Great picture too.

You probably know that the Bengal cat breed is bedeviled by heart disease, HCM, due to inbreeding. It is sad and it is a sort of hidden problem.

Obviously some breeders hide the problem. It needs to be aired more and although steps are being taken to fix the problem long term, I think not enough is being done.

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