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Bargain Cat Trees can be Exasperating: “Some Assembly Required” – a Bit Optimistic — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, yes! Our biggest and best activity center was bought during a flash sale on amazon after a friend told us about it. It arrived flat-packed, with instructional diagram, and I put it together. One part had the holes drilled on the wrong side, so it turned out a little bit different than the diagram showed, but it is very usable and our furmily thoroughly enjoys it! A friend tightened the bolts on it for us, too, so it’s even sturdier. I like the challenge of solving problems and putting things together/learning how things work, and also the possibility of finding something of good quality for a bit lower price.

  2. Having had 2 children, I’ve had a lot of experience assembling things, especially at Christmastime.
    During those years, I really hated doing it.

    Today, for the most part, I enjoy this stuff and the feeling of accomplishment that I reap as long as there are no glitches as you describe. I’ve assembled a few cat trees, houses, and jungle gyms. On a few occasions, I’ve had a part or two missing or a defective part.

    Those occasions were maddening, because I have a low tolerance for anything that impedes my progress. I never aborted the whole project but I was less than charming having to figure out how to rig or substitute a part and make it all come together.

    Now, what I try to do in order to save my sanity is to not begin any assembly until I have inspected every part. If there’s a problem, I just pack it back up and send it back.

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