Barney My Special Cat Companion

Barney My Special Cat Companion

by Wendy
(Jupiter, Fl. USA)

Barney - photo by Wendy

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Barney - photo by Wendy

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Let me tell you a little about Barney my special cat companion. He was born to a feral cat mother on October 24th 2008. An elderly lady found him and took him in. She could not keep him, but she took him to the vet for all his shots and fed him until he was given up to the Florida Humane Society. While in her care, he ingested some foam rubber (poor little guy) and his little GI tract had to be cleaned out. He was placed for adoption along with his sister.

After searching all over locally, I saw his picture on the internet and fell in love! I called to see if he was still available and I said to the woman "If Tigger (that was his name then) looks anything like his picture, then I want him!" I drove an hour to get him. I wanted his sister too because I did not want to separate them but because I live with my father, he did not want them both. I was heart broken. After we brought him home, I convinced my father that it is much better to have a companion for him to keep him company when we are not able to and since it is his sister, they already get along. I called back to the PetSmart to see if she was still available but she had been adopted earlier that day. I cried and cried.

My dad picked the name Barney. I liked it because as a child my favorite show was a soap opera called Dark Shadows, a gothic like serial about a man who was a vampire and his name was Barnabas Collins and I decided that it would be Barney's nickname!

I will tell you what makes Barney my special cat companion. He makes all these little chirping and gurgling noises when he wants to play and his eyes get as big as golf balls! He runs up and down the sides of the condo without even using the stairs! He reminds me of a cheetah because sometimes he runs so fast and expends so much energy that he gets out of breath and pants! I have taught him to sit for treats! He is super affectionate and he rubs all over my face and when I say his name and look in his eyes he answers me with a little MEW which I would not expect from such a strong little guy. One funny thing about Barney is that he likes to expose his private parts! It is his favorite sleeping position and sometimes he will just lay like that and look into my eyes as you can see in the photo. I love to kiss his belly and he trusts me 100%. The next trick will be for him to give me his paw which I am sure he will learn because he is so smart.


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Barney My Special Cat Companion - Note: This is a submission by Wendy who emailed me with this story and agreed that I could make a post out of it. I love these stories....Michael (PoC Admin)

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