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Basic principles of food safety apply to handling pet foods — 4 Comments

  1. Its good to have an awareness of food safety and yes i always do wash hands etc. It helps as my friend works at a hospital where his main job is a cleaner. So things are very hygienic at home. Plus cant stand not having clean hands. Its good to have a good awareness around this. Especially when doing with tinned food.

  2. Thanks for the extra information Michael. I have learned from bitter experience that bleach is the best. I have used other disinfectants and that was when I got problems. There is too much misinformation banded about which encourages people to use dangerous and ineffective disinfectants instead of cheap, safe, and reliable bleach.

  3. I do not fall into the trap laid by those people who say that bleach is not good for cats and people. It is essential to use it liberally for cleaning everything from cat’s bowls and dishes to floors and litter boxes. The danger of chlorine is when you DON’T use it. In any case it evaporates very quickly and leaves everything hygienic. Any left-over wet or canned food should be thrown away. Dry food can be heated in the microwave and mixed with fresh stuff. I pour chicken liver gravy over it and it goes very quickly.

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