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Bathing your cat is like removing her ID — 2 Comments

  1. I have two Traditional Persian cats at home, the female” Matahari” who is 11 years old and her kitten now a 9 year old Tomcat “Matata”.Years ago i used to bathe both the cats together and on two occasions was surprised when the male cat “Matata” attacked his companion mother “Matahari” after the bathe , a real cat fight akin to “Cat War”. On one occasion after the bathe the fight was so severe that docile “Matahari” suffered a severe gash from the claws of her once tiny kitten “Matata” that required medical treatment from the Vet. It was then that i realized that after a bathe with “Shampoo” cat’s lose their pheromones scent that is their signature identity to other cats.Tomcat “Matata” was aggressive on “Matahari” only after a bathe and after some hours would become normal in his behavior.”Matahari” being the female cat was never ever aggressive but “Matata” being a male cat thought that “Matahari” was a new cat entering his domain and hence a territorial fight.Since then i have never bathed “Matahari” but do occasionally bathe Tomcat “Matata”.Have other cat owners faced my predicament of having a pair of cats living harmoniously together in the same house and fighting after a bathe ?

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