Bathtub Soccer For Cats!

Bathtub soccor

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Bathtub soccor

Bathtub soccor Where's my partner?

Both of my two cats love to play with a light little plastic "wiffle" ball with a bell inside. Cassie, my black and white cat, chases it, kicks and pounces on it. Charlie, my totally black cat, will bring it to me to play fetch.

One day they were both in my bathtub and I tossed the ball into the tub. After competing for the ball for a while, they seemed to learn that they could bat it back and forth between them. It was so cute. I call it "bathtub soccor".

They have played bathtub soccor several times but they don't have "scheduled games". It's not like they can look at each other and say, "Hey, let's go play a pickup game of soccor in the tub." But if they happen to be playing in the tub, I will toss in the ball and they will play bathtub soccor.


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Hi George.... I really like this idea because cats love to play and I sense that a lot of us don't play enough with our cats due to pressure of time etc.

I wonder if we could start up a "Cat Soccor League". Competitions would follow and who knows where that would lead too!

Thanks for sharing again.{Note: I changed the title in the hope that the page will be found more easily by Google and get seen more - hope you don't mind.}

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Jun 15, 2011 XXXXX
by: Anonymous

This was spam and has been deleted.

Jan 06, 2011 Bath tub soccer a no go
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I tried to interest Monty in playing with one of his rattly balls in the bath tub. It seemed like even by himself it could be a fun game. He didn't go for it. I think he was afraid I was going to give him a bath. He couldn't understand my explanation that he only gets a bath if he got into something sticky. He was sure it was a trick and wouldn't chase the toy into the tub, and certainly wouldn't let me put him in the tub. He does like to push things into the tub, so maybe I'll try lining up some of his little balls on the side of the tub and let him take it from there. I need the patience of a cat.
He sure could use a new game though. It's cold and snowy out so he won't go out for more than two minutes at a time. He seems to think I have the power to melt the snow because he's very annoyed with me when he comes in. He was quite the spaz cat yesterday. Somehow he ran full tilt into the glass patio door. I was afraid he'd given himself a concussion, but he seems o.k. today. I know he'd love bath tub soccer, but I don't know how to explain it to him.

Dec 04, 2010 Cats and bathtubs
by: George

What a joy cats can be. Thanks for all the comments. My cats love playing in a dry bathtub, even without a toy. The two of them will play hide-and-seek behind the shower curtain. Unfortunately, they have ripped several shower curtain liners because they play with claws out.

Also, one of my cats, Cassie, seems to like to chew on plastic or rubbery things. She punctures the shower curtain liner as well as window shades in the guest bedroom. When I catch her doing that I clap my hands loudly and she stops. As a result she does it less often now.

Dec 04, 2010 Great idea
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

What a great idea. Thanks for telling us about it, George. I'm sure most cats will enjoy the fast action of the ball in the tub - and we humans don't have to crawl under the furniture to retrieve it as we have to when playing on the floor. 😉
One should think that a bathtub is a strange place for cats, but many seem to like it, maybe because of the coolness.

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Dec 04, 2010 how fun
by: Nancy

George, Cassie and Charlie are adorable and I enjoyed reading the bathtub soccer story in addition to the morning ritual of breakfast at your house. I have two feline companions and the rituals at our house are so fun. My male runs to the door when the doorbell rings to great all guests. I am told if I am not home, he runs to the door and stands up to the sidelights and talks to the doorbell ringer. Oh to know the joys of loving kitties.

Dec 04, 2010 Deliberate
by: Michael

Hi George, I thought you spelled "soccor" that way deliberately to distinguish it from the conventional version played by humans..! I think we will keep it that way.

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Dec 03, 2010 New sport
by: George

Thanks, Michael. Sorry for misspelling soccer in the story.

In the first image, the two stopped playing, laid down and posed when I pointed the camera at them.

Sure, let's start a "Cat Soccer League". Your tub or mine?

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