Battle scarred male feral cat fosters kittens beautifully

Male feral cat is excellent kitten foster parent
Mason fostering an adorable rescue kitten
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If you want to see something really adorable then watch the video below. This battle scarred, male feral cat has retained some of his feral character and therefore can be difficult with humans even though he found himself in a very nice home having been rescued but he has proved to be a wonderful foster dad to rescue kittens and the video is testament to that. He loves his role as a foster parent. He could have hissed and told the kittens to **** off but the opposite happened.

The rescue group is “Tinykittens” — a volunteer-run non-profit society working to improve the lives of cats and kittens in need. Based in Fort Langley, BC. They started in March 18, 2013.

In their role as cat rescuers, they trapped feral cats under a TNR program at a rural property with the possibility of rehoming those that were friendly enough. One of the cats that they trapped they named “Mason”. He is a 10-year-old male. His tail is broken in several places. He had multiple infections and needed a lot of dental surgery. He was basically pretty well beaten up but he was patched up and the idea was to return him to the farm from whence he had come. However, it was discovered that he had advanced kidney disease which changed their plans.

It was decided to make his last days as comfortable as possible in a safe world. He retained his feral character but he was comfortable in his home. He showed signs of being domesticated such as liking to play with toys but still disliked being petted.

He is still edgy with people but you could say that his behaviour towards kittens is the complete opposite. One day this rescue organisation brought home some kittens that needed to be fostered and they very quickly began a beautiful relationship with Mason as you can see from the video. The kittens climbed all over Mason and he loved it.

It is thought that Mason has only a few months left with his chronic kidney failure but they are going to be great months for him in the safety of a wonderful home, surrounded by kittens which he loves.

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