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Bay County Animal Control insists you make a cat appointment — 2 Comments

  1. The reality is that shelters have limited capacity in space, and in being able to care for the cats. All care facilities, whether human or animal, have limits. Exceeding these limits creates additional stress, and high levels of stress increases health risks for everyone. This can be compared to extreme cat hoarding done by people who love cats, but also have limits on their capacity.

    One shelter can’t be expected to accept any and all stray cats, that have most likely become strays because they’re not kept indoors.

    Feral cats are another matter, and should be less of a priority than found stray cats, who have owners/guardians.

    I believe that outdoor cats are more at risk for a “death sentence” from many factors. Outdoor cats tend to have shorter lives because they’re exposed to so many risks.

    So, I think it’s unfair to blame shelters, who, realistically, can’t accommodate all strays. Volunteer in a shelter to experience this, especially during kitten season.

    Shelters can do more to clear cages with special adoption programs and lower fees, but then they are affected financially, which affects their bottom line. It’s like a high wire juggling act with cats sometimes falling, unprotected by a safety net.

    The optimum solution is to have people realize the dangers of allowing their cats to roam freely, and choosing the safer way of keeping their cats indoors, while finding other ways to enrich their lives. Cats can adapt, with the help of their guardians.

    If the cat is allowed to roam, a tracking device can be helpful when they don’t come home for dinner.

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