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BB and Freya

BB and Freya

by Julie
(Alhambra IL USA)

BB Little Love

This is a follow up from an earlier post I made about BB my feral cat. I would like to send pictures of BB and Freya (update: now arrived see below). They look so much better then they did when we first got them. Freya was dumped in the woods near my parents farm. Dumping an animal is evil! They usually starve to death.

I believe Freya is from a domestic line because she has a loving shy nature and her big defence is to go limp. She hides when people come over to the house.

Feral cats are like tigers only smaller. BB never hides. I have to remind visitors that she is feral and will hurt them if bothered.

We wondered how our feral BB would take to a kitten. We had to isolate Freya until she was wormed and had her shots.

Abandoned and feral cats often have more health issues. BB had ear mites and Freya had coughing fits.The girls get along great.

They sleep next to one another and even groom each other. I would like to thank their vets at the Greenville animal clinic for all the care and love.

Update: 30th January 2010: A good note....

Four of our Grand kids (ranging in age from 5 years old to two months old) came to vist. Freya hid as always.BB not only sat by the kids; she let the five year old girl pet her!I really believe she is on her way to being tame. She sat with her head held high like royalty.

Freya wants to be around everyone but she is still very timid. She looks longingly around the corner of the sofa. We give her her space. I know someday she too will be in the center of everything enjoying the security and love of family.

Freya and The Tower

Freya and The Tower - Photo Julie

Freya - photo by Julie

Freya likes to sleep in a basket with her pink blanket that she received from a fund raiser for the cat shelter.

Freya and toys on the tower

Freya and toys - Photo by Julie

I like to tie a few toys to the tower so the girls can play when we leave to do errands. This is Freya with her tiger toy.


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BB and Freya

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Jan 31, 2010 Progress
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Julie. Good news that BB let the five year old touch her. Maybe she sees children as less dangerous humans? It's hard to know what goes on in the mind of a cat, but she is definitely making progress. She of course won't drop her feral personality completely overnight, but I know you will be patient with her and happily watch every little step forward.

Dec 31, 2009 BB and Freya
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

BB is a great looking cat. Doesn't matter if your cats don't like strangers, as long as they get on well so with each other. 🙂

Dec 28, 2009 Caps litter mate
by: Jan Plant

Oh what a lovely cat! What amazes me ,is she looks as if she could be a litter mate to my ferals,Caps and Spats! She is so pretty! Thank you for sharing.And it's good to hear you have good vets in your area.

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