B.B.’s Tale (aka Bee Boo)

by Missy
(Sautee Georgia)

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In Nov. of 2010, I was attending a weekend-long horse event on a remote plantation in coastal SC. I and my lab, Shug-dog had trailered my horse Miad to the event, and booked a room in the hunting lodge, Miad to stay in the outside corral.

As I was unloading Miad from the trailer, I heard a tiny mewing coming from somewhere in the woods. I began to search, knowing it was a little kitten. I could not find it. The next day as the horse events progressed, every time I was in the area of the horse corrals I could hear plaintive mewing coming from the woods.

I searched into the night, to no avail, and was told by the plantation owner there were no cats or kittens anywhere on the grounds, as there were too many hunting dogs running around. The last day of the event, as I was packing to leave, I again heard the cries, louder now, coming from an old shack in the brush behind the corrals.

I was determined to find the kitten, and sure enough, as I got near the old bldg. I looked down at this little tiny ball of fluff, one eye stuck closed, and wailing his misery. I grabbed him, wrapped him in my horse's fleece blanket, and fed him some crushed dog food and milk. We took off for home, me, Shug-dog, Miad, and the little kitten.

Found out from the vet he was 3 weeks old, and weighed 9 oz. Needless to say, today he runs our household of 6 other cats and Shug-dog. He is the sweetest cat to ever put paws on the earth, my baby, and we think he looks like a Maine Coon.

He is very independent around the farm during the day, and snuggles with us at night. Thanks for letting me share!!


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B.B.'s Tale (aka Bee Boo)

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Jan 31, 2012 A special heart touching story!!
by: Anonymous

It's shows that you have a good heart full of compassion for animals in need, that tiny kitten most likely wouldn't survive @ such a young age and no mom, it'stouching that although you were busy with your horse you actually went the extra mile to rescue that kitten, what you received in return a beautiful loving cat that will be your companion for many years.
Early summer 1981 hubby & I went to check on an abandoned home simply because of the lot that it was on, to our surprise a young Tortie (perhaps 1 yr old greeted us, it was obvious she had a litter of kittens recently but no kittens to be found, the whole house had been ransacked, took her home, & inmediately she adopted us, but had a preference for Frank, took her for shots/spaying
named her Panchita (spanish slang for Francine)soon we learned that she was quite a hunter earning nickname Nimrod (mighty hunter)from the Bible, as most Torties she was quite loving but disliked our son.She passed away December 2005, we tought she was 20 yrs old but vet said she was 24 yrs old, because her bones were so arthritic.Animals have a way of showing deep gratitude to rescuers and or helpers, a very special emotion.

Jan 30, 2012 Animal Lover
by: Michael

You love animals. You must be a nice person. Thanks for sharing.

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