Be Kind to Animals Week. Take the Kindness 100 Pledge

I just pledged my commitment to help American Humane Association build a world where all animals are treated with the kindness and respect they deserve! Join us in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Be Kind to Animals Week® and the launch of the new Kindness 100™ campaign by taking the pledge today!

This is the 100th anniversary of America’s longest running campaign which encourages people to be kind to animals.  We are in the middle of “Be kind to Animals Week®” (1915-2015).

Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week®

The campaign started last Sunday and lasts for the week. On the Kindness 100™ website a visitor can take the Kindness 100™ pledge (this will last for the year). You take the pledge to be kind to animals throughout the year by:

  • Buying humanely raised products – look for eggs, meat etc., which has been raised humanely i.e. American Humane Certified products.
  • Protecting wild animals – learning about conservation and then teach your family and friends about it.
  • Protecting animal actors – seeing films featuring American Humane Association’s “No Animals Were Harmed” end credit.
  • Adopting a companion animal from a shelter or rescue facility – the effect will be to save millions of lives if everyone did this.

I’d like to add a very important fifth pledge: not to declaw a cat again – ever. It is inhumane to do so and certainly not kind.

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Over the last century this important campaign has been supported by well-known Americans such as several US Presidents and movie stars.

The full story about this campaign can be seen here (opens new window).

Source: Be Kind to Animals. Note: England’s first animal protection laws are also 100 years old today.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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4 Responses

  1. Emile Henriquez says:

    I have the utmost respect for animals.

  2. Dee (Florida) says:

    I always take the pledge even though I am not a fan of HSUS anymore.

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