Beat-up love bug stray cat has human expression

I am a sucker for domestic cats with human faces. On 23rd April, Big Gray was listed as adoptable from Westfield Homeless Cat Project Adoptions. That’s a while ago at the date of this post so he may have been adopted. However, I couldn’t find information telling me one way or another. But I’ll be told in a day or two. His expression is priceless and it reminds me of the famous Maine Coons bred with wise human faces.

Big Gray could or should have been adopted by now but please contact Westfield on their Facebook adoptions page. He is described as a love bug. As soon as he was picked up he purred. No feral in that character. The rescuers could kiss him on his forehead. He is that mild mannered. He looks beat up so he must have been a stray for a while. He’s okay though and he retained his sweet character. I think he’ll be great cat companion.

Big Gray love bug

Big Gray love bug. Photo: Westfield Homeless Cat Project.

Here is the post from the Facebook page of Westfield Homeless Cat Project:

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