Beating Amazon package thieves using cat poop

Female Amazon package thief steals cat poop
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Female Amazon package thief steals cat poop

There is a trend going on and it is this: Amazon packages being stolen by people who have become savvy to the fact that Amazon delivery drivers leave packages at the doorstep, sometimes hidden but sometimes not so well hidden. It’s a weakness in the Amazon delivery system as they don’t demand that the customer signs for the package. Amazon are trying all kinds of ways to speed up delivery without jeopardising the package to thieves.

Some people are taking matters into their own hands. In this instance, the customer placed a decoy Amazon package at his or her front door and inside the package was cat poop. It didn’t stop the thief stealing something but what she got was not what she thought she’d get.

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The advantage of doing this is that it has been well-publicised on the Internet which should put doubt into the minds of thieves. I note that another person did the same thing with dog faeces. It’s the beginning of a new trend: putting down decoy Amazon packages.

In line with that trend, Amazon themselves sometimes put down decoy packages containing tracking devices. I presume that this is with the intention of arresting or at least catching the thief.

As I understand it, the cat poop inside the box was mixed with cat litter. In other words the person who created the decoy box has a cat and he or she simply scooped out a part of the cat litter, placed it in a container and then placed that in the Amazon box.

A slightly unfortunate aspect of the video is that the face of the thief has been blurred out. I’m not sure why the video maker did that. If the person who made the video is absolutely certain that this is a thief then he or she should have the courage to show the thief’s face. We shouldn’t be so politically correct and nervous about stating truths and facts.

However, it is interesting that there is a reversed image screenshot of the video presented on search results from which I am able to make a screenshot. From this you can see that the thief is a female with long blonde hair in her 30s.

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2 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Excellent idea!

    Many couriers leave packages, as instructed by the customer, in supposedly secure hidyholes. Many packages get stolen, especially around Christmas.

    People are terrified of litigation. So much so, that I recently saw recently convicted (not chance their convictions were yet ‘spent’) criminals in a lame TV documentary, with their faces blurred out.

    I think people are scared of facts too.

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