Beautiful Cats Protection cats for adoption

Here are just three cats for adoption at Cats Protection. They are beautiful looking cats. You can sponsor them for £6 a month. The point I’d like to make is that the unwanted shelter cat is often a very attractive cat. A lot of people choose a cat on appearance. OK, far enough but I prefer the cat to chose me and ignore appearance pretty much. But if you do choose on appearance there are no obstacles in adopting from Cats Protection.

Here is Bob, Chips and Smokey:


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You can see them on the Cats Protection website. I would expect these cats to be adopted quickly. Personally, I think Bob is fantastic and the photography is very good.

When you look at Smokey you can see in his eyes how uncomfortable it can be to be waiting for a good home. Cats Protection fosterers do great work though.

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16 thoughts on “Beautiful Cats Protection cats for adoption”

  1. Those cats are beautiful and I hope they get good homes. I really can’t understand how anyone can part with their cat yet day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, more and more are unwanted.
    Thank goodness for Cats Protection and other Sanctuaries who take in all those cats.

  2. Off subject..
    Such a nice feeling to know that many of us keep the same hours.
    It’s going on 9PM in the UK right now. Time to relax and settle in for the noc (a latin medical term fot night). Because I am up around 2-2:30AM, I am doing the same.

    • Dee tell me more about the hours your keep. I’d to write some more about what you do. The feral cat protection article was interesting and you keep interesting hours. Why are you up around 2:30 am. I hope that is not a dumb question.

        • Thanks for taking us back to that article. I was right, you are caring for some 50 cats or more. That morning frenzy would wake you up. I’m picturing you having an afternoon siesta, piled high with cats all over you and the bed or sofa.

          I wonder how many Dee’s there are out there? Working through the night, devoting their whole life to the welfare of cats?

          16 indoor full timers? Wow.

          • Right now, I can think of 2 people who foster 50 or more cats that, ofcourse, are fully indoor. One works fulltime as a police officer and caretakes a colony of ferals too.
            I don’t know how they do it. I know I wouldn’t be able. I feel that I am completely at my limit right now.
            That’s one of the reasons I just stay on the fringe of the rescue group. I don’t want to feel pressured into taking on more than I have.

          • Funny girl.
            No afternoon siestas here. I do cleaning in between. That’s why I don’t know how some of the fosterers survive. I’m in awe. But, I do know that one (Caroline) doesn’t want visitors because her home is trashed. The police officer told me that she is “taking back her home” by enclosing her porch to be a large cattery.
            Bless them all. I’m nuts, but they have to be nuttier.

    • Me too I like all 3 of them – they look like very nice cats. Poor little Smokey – what a beautiful cat, reminds of Gigi with the perfect white nose and mouth. I really feel sorry for him/her – doesn’t want to even have the camera there by the looks of it.

      The photo of Bob is fantastic. Very nice. Ironically Bob is at the food bowl which is usually a terrible place for cat photos. But wow – what a photo. If it were my cat I’d have a portrait painted from this image. Such a calm relaxed glance straight at the camera and perfect focus/depth of field. Bob is also a remarkably handsome cat with a perfect bib and white paws.

      I strongly believe in the need for top class photography in the effort to adopt out as amny cats as possible. As Elisa says, often you just have the photo. If I had to choose from these photos alone then I would choose Smokey just because he/she looks unhappy right off the bat so something needs to be done about it – that’s an easy choice in this instance – but I agree that ideally one of them might choose me in an adoption room situation. However the more nervous cat will not come accross the room to you and say hello – so there are downsides to using only that tactic to choose a cat. There’s a balance. You have to connect one on one with each cat, at least from a distance. …..and take it from there I guess. I’d have so much trouble if I had to choose. When we got Lilly we chose her because she had been there the longest – it’s easy to choose if you have criteria like that I suppose but it still was hard leaving the others behind.

      • Smokey seems frightened to me, Bob is just portrait perfect; but that Chips, looks confused and so lost to me with such a longing in his eyes. I want him in a forever home soon.

        • Agreed. Smokey does look very anxious. Lovely face but super anxious. That must happen all the time with rescue cats: strange sounds and places etc.. Not good for a cat despite the excellent caretaking of the Cats Protection fosterers.

      • I am like you. I choose the most needy. I have this nursing, fatherly instinct. I can’t get rid of it. It is hard-wired in me and probably comes from the difficulties I suffered as a child.

        The photo of Bob is fantastic

        I always see good photos of orange tabbies because they are more relaxed. I am beginning to believe that the red tabby is a more relaxed cat than the average cat.

        A lot of shelter photography is poor. There is certainly some quality in these photos even in respect of exposure and general image quality. The picture of Bob is particularly well exposed and produced.


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