Beautiful NC ginger girl’s letter to “Santa” asking for her THIRD forever home will make you cry

This is Gigi, a beautiful ginger girl who is currently in a North Carolina foster home awaiting her THIRD forever home. Gigi even wrote a letter to Santa asking for his help. Caution: Gigi’s wish for a family to call her own will make you cry.

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I saw Gigi’s letter on Saturday and contacted Alley Cats and Angels of NC for more information.

Gigi’s letter to Santa posted on Facebook

This is what they have to say about this sweet girl

Gigi is a really nice girl. She’s had two homes but they ended up not being forever homes due to circumstances.

However, she MUST be an only cat. She gets combative around other cats. She cannot come to adoption events because they are so stressful for her and because of the other cats. We have to hope someone sees her online and falls in love. Approved applicants can meet her in her foster home in Zebulon, NC.

She was fostered with a super laid back cat-friendly dog for about a year but that’s been several years ago so we’re not sure how she would do around a dog now.

We would consider out of area adoptions for the right applicant. But preference is local (few hour radius from Raleigh area) in case it doesn’t work out and she needs to come back. We make a lifetime commitment to our cats and will always take them back. Below is her cage card info.

Gigi is a lap cat and prefers to be near people. She enjoys being petted and scratched and she likes to play with her favorite toy – a feather on the end of a long string with a wand. She will drag her toy into the room by the feather and leave it so you will see it and play with her. She also likes catnip toys and chasing after Super Balls (bouncy balls about one inch in diameter).

Gigi enjoys napping in a cat tree or other quiet place and looking out the window. Gigi uses a scratching pad to sharpen her claws instead of the furniture 99% of the time. She is very careful on surfaces she frequents. She doesn’t knock items over or off shelves or tables. She doesn’t eat people food, nor does she have interest in it.

It can take Gigi a while to get used to a new person and would prefer a calm and quiet home without young children. Once Gigi is used to a person, she welcomes their attention and returns their affection. Gigi is not afraid of strangers, her current foster home is having some work done and Gigi went right up to the contractor and allowed herself to be petted.

Gigi has been fostered in a home with an older, cat-friendly dog and did well, but it has been several years. Gigi is a pretty orange girl who was originally adopted from Alley Cats and Angels as a kitten. Sadly, when one of her parents passed away, Gigi was returned to find another home. Not having been around other cats, Gigi does not like other cats and must be an only cat.

She was adopted again as an only cat but returned 2.5 years later because her adopter was getting married and she did not get along with the fiancé’s cat.

Now seven years old (estimated date of birth is February 6, 2011), Gigi has tested FeLV/FIV negative, treated for intestinal parasites, fleas, and ear mites. FVRCP+FeLV vaccinated (initial vaccination and booster) and rabies vaccinated, spayed and microchipped with Home Again microchips with rescue paid registration.

The fee to adopt Gigi is $100. Please contact Alley Cats and Angels of NC via email at if you think Gigi may be the girl for you and be sure to share her story in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

You can keep up with Gigi by clicking on her Facebook thread. Photos courtesy of Alley Cats and Angels of NC.

24 thoughts on “Beautiful NC ginger girl’s letter to “Santa” asking for her THIRD forever home will make you cry”

  1. I have a large community of friends in the pet community on FaceBook.. I shared this post about GiGi and hopefully someone will adopt her.. it would only stress her more if I did since I have dogs, cats and children but I did share so fingers crossed! Also I am connected with a group who will do transport… I was involved in a transport getting a kitty from AL to PA.

  2. That’s a severe judgment when you don’t know the circumstances. If my cat guardian family member (my son) were to die, I couldn’t take his cat (I’m barely able to have my own in my room rental.) None of his friends could either. So, I guess that makes us “creeps” in your eyes.

    The world is full of creeps who shouldn’t have pets or children, that end up getting abused or killed, either by ignorance or intentionally. I save my judgment for those people, even though they may be mentally/emotionally ill, cat hoarders, indiscriminate breeders and people who cruelly remove feral cat shelters.

    Your own words give one reason that many relatives/friends can’t adopt the deceased’s beloved pet. “I’m not adopting another cat because my first obligation is to the cats I have already taken guardianship over.”

    Does this make you a “creep”? I don’t think so…..and there are plenty of cat loving people in your identitcal situation. “Creeps with too many cats?”


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