Beautiful rescue cat carries a barrier to her adoption on her face: an image of a willy

I had to look up some synonyms for penis before I wrote the title. There are many, incidentally. Anyway, back to the point of the article which centers around a Facebook post from The Mini Kitty Commune. They present a beautiful Ragdoll cat called Daisy on their Facebook page who is ready for adoption.

Rescue Ragdoll cat Dairy ready for adoption but carries an unfortunate facial marking

Rescue Ragdoll cat Dairy ready for adoption but carries an unfortunate facial marking. Photo: Facebook page of The Mini Kitty Commune

They state:

“Some say she has unfortunate facial markings but we call it totally unique.”

To be honest, it didn’t occur to me that Daisy has the image of the male sex organ down the middle of her face… Until I read the article on the website by Josephine Roseberg-Clarke which I found very amusing incidentally. Well done Josephine but it does not help her adoption and to be brutally honest neither does this page. Or it maybe it does.

Josephine asked for someone to come forward to adopt Daisy, “The Beautiful Rescue Cat with a Dick on Her Face”. That’s probably a bit rude and I think it’s unfair but it is amusing. The amazing thing is that Daisy is a Ragdoll cat which is a purebred cat and these are very, very popular cats. And she’s at a rescue waiting to be adopted. She is desexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. She has a perfect character. Therefore on paper she is perfect to be adopted and should be snapped up rapidly. But it appears not because of her unfortunate facial marking.

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Daisy appears to be a blue-pointed Ragdoll. It looks as if the pigmentation down her nose and above her eyes has been partially removed by the genes that she carries. There’s nothing wrong with her at all as it is simply an inherited facial marking. Josephine says that it is flesh coloured and I suppose it is.


Daisy snoozing. Photo: The Mini Kitty Commune on FB.

I’m sure that it will suit somebody down to the ground but let’s make sure that it is the right person. If anybody wants to adopt Daisy specifically because she has this facial marking they are usuitable as far as I am concerned. It has to be somebody who doesn’t even see the image of a phallus but sees a beautiful cat with a beautiful character.

I’m being too serious probably and Josephine’s article is better. However, I don’t really want to trivialise the adoption of this beautiful cat by joking about it. You have to take the adoption of a rescue cat seriously because, yes, that old cliche comes out again, it is for the remainder of the life of the cat. Daisy is nine-years-of-age, incidentally.

Ragdoll cats are well suited to indoor living because of their laidback character. There is probably no better cat breeds suited to full-time indoor living. And come to think about it, I think it would be wise to keep Daisy inside all the time because some dick outside might want to steal the cat or hurt her (pardon the pun).

Link to FB page

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