Beautiful Selkirk Rex (photograph)

This is a fine looking Selkirk Rex and a nice photograph. It is rare to see such a nice photograph of such a nice looking cat taken by an amateur.

Selkirk Rex Photograph
Selkirk Rex Photograph by Nicki Berger
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Her name is “tsu tsu”.

She looks like a dilute tortoiseshell to me or perhaps a calico (tortie-and-white). The Selkirk Rex is described as a cat in sheep’s clothing. The coat is curly as can be seen very clearly. There are short haired and long haired Selkirk Rexes.

This breed is like a British Shorthair with curly fur. The breed was started when a blue tortie and white shorthaired female cat whose name was to become, “Miss DePesto”, was discovered in a Wyoming Shelter. This is a shelter cat turned glamour cat. The cat must have carried a mutated gene which apparently is dominant.

Miss DePesto was mated with a Persian. I suppose the reason was to create the cobby (rounded and stocky) appearance.

This is a sweet and loyal cat. Read more about this breed. Pages tagged “Selkirk Rex Cat”

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