Beautiful Stray Female Amber Needs a Home by 10th May

This beautiful, grey and white, female rescue cat at the Rowan County Animal Shelter needs a home by 10 May 2018. I am sure that she will be adopted quite quickly.

Beautiful rescue cat needs a new home quickly
Beautiful rescue cat needs a new home quickly. Photo: Rowan County Animal Rescue
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Her details:

  • A112371 Amber
  • Stray Female 28138
  • Available 5/4/2018
  • Last day 5/10/2018

She has near symmetrical markings on her face. She looks alert and healthy. And she has nice large ears. I would be surprised if she was not adopted on the day that she becomes available but if not please share this post and/or go to the Facebook page.

Anxious Male

Lynx pointed Siamese type rescue cat needs home
Lynx pointed Siamese type rescue cat needs home. Photo: Rowan County Animal Rescue

While I’m on the page writing this article I would also like to promote a frightened looking male cat. He has to be rehomed by 11th May and is available from the 7th. He is a beautiful boy and he must have some lynx pointing Siamese genes in him because he is a lynx pointed type Siamese cat. There is no doubt that he is not purebred but he certainly has some Siamese genes in him. His frightened appearance caught my eye and I would love to see him content, happy and no longer scared. His details are as follows:

  • A112408 Alfalfa
  • DSH, Wht/Gray, Male, Adult
  • Stray, 28147
  • Available 5/7/2018
  • Last Day 5/11/2018

You can see in his face the stresses that being in a shelter can induce in a cat. It is just the way it is. They are strange places.

Click to go to the Rowan County Animal Shelter on Facebook.

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