Beautiful Turkish Angora Street Cat

This is a real Turkish Angora from the streets of Turkey and it comes from the The Angora Cat Association – Ankara Kedisi Derneği website. There is a page about the real Turkish Angora on PoC. This is an interesting cat breed because the real Turkish Angora is a street cat coming in many coat types. I think they look far better than the carefully bred, purebred, pampered (and overly slender) American version of this cat. They are real and true. And they are more purebred. And they are more healthy! What more can I say.

A real Turkish Angora. A street cat in Turkey.

The Turkish Angora and Turkish Van (they are the same cat, in truth) stories, from the cat being discovered in Turkey to being ‘refined’ and turned into a registered cat breed in America, reflects the way many cat breeds have been created.

What is upsetting is that the majority of people regard the American version as the Turkish Angora but it is not! The big cat fancy machine of the West pushes the true cat in Turkey out of the picture. This is changing thanks to PoC and more importantly the The Angora Cat Association – Ankara Kedisi Derneği.

You have to admit that the cat in the picture is super looking and totally genuine. A real treasure. If he was owned by someone in America that person would be the owner of a very special cat. Strange that he is a street cat in Turkey.

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Michael Broad

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