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Beautiful Woodland African Serval Kittens for Adoption — 16 Comments

  1. I am a farmer and an RN with my own practice. I have had Savannahs for some time. Please let me know if we can connect on a Serval. My cell is: 765-561-0398.

    Thank you,
    Kent Carfield


  2. Serval kittens available now to approved homes only. Prefer within Canada althought shipping can be arranged. Beautiful spotted cats ready for their new parents.

      • Britney, sorry the comment you responded to was by a breeder in Canada who placed his comment in the wrong place. I moved the comment to here, but failed to move his details. I don’t breed servals.

        A note of warning. Make sure you are fully aware of what it means to look after a serval.

        This is a wild cat species. Medium sized. It is a Labrador sized cat.

        The cat might spray urine to mark territory causing a messy/smelly home. You might want to declaw the cat which is morally wrong…should I go on….?

        Dream about it but don’t do it. Adopt a wanted cat from a rescue center and love him. It’ll work out far better I guarantee.

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    • The best way to learn about servals is (a) search on PoC and if you want to buy (b) contact A1 Savannahs as they breed servals as well as Savannah cats. They have a website.

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    • Hi Aatif. I published your comment because I wanted to reply to it. Personally, I hate the idea of breeding wild cat cubs for sale as pets etc.. This is immoral, as far as I am concerned. Everything about it makes me mad and angry. You guys should leave wild cats alone. People should stop breeding themselves and give more space to wildlife. People should stop destroying wild cat habitat. Why not try and think about how the cats you breed feel? Do you ever ask yourself if what you do is moral or ethical?

  5. I am looking to adopt a serial as a cub. I would like to know a little information on how to get one…..please be f2f Back to me!! Thanks!!

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