Bebi AKA “Lil Kittie” – rescue by fate

by Aria
(Northern Colorado)

Bebi - always crossing her paws like a lady

Bebi - always crossing her paws like a lady

Bebi - always crossing her paws like a lady

One winter night 2 years ago, I was on my way home from work at a shopping mall when I saw a car pulled over in the deserted mall parking lot, and what looked to be a cat - a suspicious scene to me. I briefly stopped my car on the road to see what they would do, when it became clear they weren't going to move until I left. I pulled forward and saw the car drive away without the cat. Upset, I immediately turned around to find the cat. She was incredibly friendly, coming right over to me, meowing and rubbing my legs, but no tags. She didn't look much more than 6 months old as she still had a clumsy gait and "adolescent look" about her, which is why I took to calling her babykins or "bebi" for short. I was so upset that someone would dump or leave such a sweet cat without considering her well-being that I began to cry and told her she was better off home with me. I loaded her into the car & she determined that perching on top of the back seat was a good idea. I warned her it probably wasn't as I eased forward with the car - of course she fell off, but promptly found her way to my lap where she snuggled the rest of the way home.

Lifelong cat lovers, my family & I have always had 3-4 cats at a time; at this time we had recently lost one, and never has it been very long with 2 cats before another one finds its way to us. Bebi looks a lot like our older Maine Coon "Missy"; when I walked into the house with her, my parents thought I was holding Missy until I explained to them what happened. They started to call her Lil Kittie or Scamper because of her gait. The first month or so was tough getting her & the other cats used to each other; to this day they try to avoid each other when possible unfortunately.

Bebs has brought so much joy to our lives since we found her. She is the most calm, laid-back cat I have ever met, which brings balance to having two other neurotic, high-strung kitties. She absolutely loves being outside, and will forgo going into the basement for dinner & bedtime just to stay out a bit longer. When we come home she gets very excited to see us & will flop over on the driveway & roll around meowing until we come to pet her; she does a lot of trilling, but won't meow unless outside. She is 100% impossible to stay mad at because she is so adorable & endearing. I can hold her but not too long; when she is unhappy she warn me with an almost "hmmph" sound. She loves to sleep & bathe up on my bed & will often sit in my lap for a while, or put out her paw on my leg contently, almost as if she is thanking me.

Reasons I think she is part or full NFC: thick, fluffy down coat with waxy-looking top hairs; wedge-shaped head & longer snout than our MC; almond eyes & a sleek, long body; when I first found her she had lynx ear tufts, but her ear tips looked chewed up & eventually fell off; when in the basement she will climb up & down the carpeted walls like a squirrel; fabulous jumper.


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Bebi AKA "Lil Kittie" - rescue by fate

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Nov 25, 2011
what a find!!!!
by: cat lady


I don't know who's luckier , little Bebi for finding you, or you for finding Bebi. I think it's a toss ups for sure. Thank you so much for your beautidful heart and soul. You are a treasure, Aria, just as much as your treasure, Bebi. I loved the way you talked to her on the back seat. God blessing on you and your precious kitty.

Nov 25, 2011
Thanks 🙂

Thank you Grahame - your comment made me smile. These are my sentiments exactly - what are the odds? The special cats in this world are certainly the ones who do the adopting, as Bebi has with me!

Much love to you & your cats,


Nov 25, 2011
"It's the cat what done it."
by: Grahame

Well, Aria, you were in the right place at the right time, eh?

Down the years, all of my many cats have adopted me, and Bebi seems to have adopted you. What are the odds that you would have been there to see her being abandoned? "It's the cat what done it", as might have been a headline in "The Sun" tabloid.

Many humans do not deserve to share life with cats. You obviously do.

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